I have been watching Korean-drama for years now. It started when the local television station in my country aired Korean-dramas translated into our dialect. Because I do not have patience to wait what’s going to happen next, I prefer to watch in online. I liked their plots especially the romantic comedy drama. I do love their romance story too because it is very cute. I have my favorite actors already and I followed every drama they made and their previous dramas. I really enjoyed watching dramas from Korea. In fact it is like part of my daily routine. I seldom watch dramas from my country compared before because I am addicted to Korean-drama.

Recently, I am watching the Miss Ripley Korean-drama. The summary is interesting that makes me want to watch, plus the leads actress is my favorite. First five episodes is interesting, however, I cannot take the character of the leading actress. She played it really well, I must say but watching how bad her character is makes my heart felt stuffed for the first time. I am not enjoying it anymore because I felt pity for the lead actor. Because I am not enjoying it anymore, I opted to stop watching it and look for another Korean-drama that will inspire me and made me smile.

Touched by her story

She is lucky enough with complete family, her mother, father, sister and brother. They were a perfect example of simple but happy family. Her mother is so kind and loving. Despite the hardships they have encounter in their life; they remain strong and keep fighting to live. However, things have changed when her mother and younger sister passed away. Her father and brother doesn’t care for her that much. She is very lonely, and seeking for love and attention. Fortunately she founds love and attention from someone. She decided to live with her man and try to build a happy life.

On their few months of living together, she is got pregnant, but had a miscarriage. Although she is sad, she just accepted that maybe the child wasn’t meant for them. She and her man still living together and after a year and a half, she got pregnant again. I can tell that she is one of the happiest women in the world. She gave birth two weeks ago, but sad to say the baby died after two days. Her world crashed again. She was crying while we are talking. I felt so sorry for her and felt the pain she has inside her. Her life story isn’t that easy. She has no one to share things except her husband.   She doesn’t know the whereabouts of her father and brother. Despite the hardships, struggles and trials, she managed to overcome it all and still able to smile. I am so touched by her story and touched of how strong a person she is. May God bless her always!

Betting in the lottery

When I was younger, I remember my late mother betting in the lottery. The amount to win is tempting that is why many are betting in the lottery hoping and praying to win the jackpot. Unfortunately, we are not lucky enough to hit the jackpot. Even so, we still so bet in the lottery and continue hoping that one day we will be lucky enough to win the jackpot prize. The jackpot money is too big and makes me wondering if it is really true and do exists.

However, I heard in the news many have won the jackpot although their names aren’t mentioned. They only mentioned the place where the winner bought the ticket for their protection. This is the reason why millions of people are betting in the lottery. My sister-in-law, brother and father are one of them. They are hoping and praying to win just like what my late mother does when she was still alive. If we ever win in the lottery, all our prayers, dreams and ambition in life would probably come true. Though the probability of winning is like punching the air, still we do hope as well as those who keep on betting in the lottery. If I were to choose, I want us all to win so we all be happy and live in comfortable life.

Have to face my fear

Lately, I am not feeling really well. I have felt pain in my lower abdomen. I have felt this before and went to the doctor to make sure if something is wrong with me. I felt relieve when the doctor told me that it was fine. Told me that the pain is because I am stress and I need to rest a lot. I am happy with what the doctor told me. After few months I do not feel the pain anymore. It makes me think that the pain is due to stress and tired. I do not have to worry if something is seriously wrong with me.

However, I felt the same pain like before. And this time it is a bit painful than before. It really scares me. I have told the sister about it and she told me to go to the doctor to have me checked. But I am so scared to go and know of my illness. I fear to know the truth that is why I am hesitant to go to the doctor. But the more I prolong it the scarier it is. I have to face my fear and will go to the doctor sooner to have me checked and to know why my lower abdomen is painful. I hope and pray that it is not serious. Help me God.