Wanted to become a teacher

I remember when she was in grade school my niece says that she wanted to become a nurse.  She wants to help treating people in the hospital.  Also, told me that she wants to work abroad to help the family financially.  I am amazed because at early age she thinks of the future of her family.  And that is a good sign that the niece is being responsible and loving to her parents.  As the time, days, months, years passed by the niece’s dreams to become nurse is fading away.  She has no interest at all.  She told us that she wants to become a teacher like her mommy (her aunt).  She idolized her mommy (her aunt) that much.

Yesterday, was their career guidance program at school.  They were told to wear the prescribed clothes for the career they want to pursue and become.  And the niece chooses to become a teacher.  She said she wants to be like mommy.  Instead of treating sick people in the hospital, she likes to teach the future generation.  She wants to be part of their journey to success.  The niece has a point on that.  She thought of helping the future generation to become a better person and successful individual.  And that left me speechless.  Indeed the niece is growing so fast.  Her thoughts of the future and the dreams she wants to become someday makes me so proud of her.  I do hope that she will be able to reach her dreams, pursue the career she wants and become a successful person someday.  Way to go niece.  Don’t stop reaching your dreams, aim high and reach your goal in life.

Movie date with my nieces

I admit I am an avid fan of the country’s phenomenal love-team ALDUB.  I’ve never been this addicted to any of the love-teams in the country.  I myself can’t believe that I am hooked to this AlDub love team.  Well, maybe because they are natural and happens accidentally.  It started with a simple smile and wave and the rest is history.  The AlDub love-team first starring movie is now showing nationwide.  The title of the movie is Imagine You & Me.  I do not want to let it passed just like that.  I will for sure find time to watch the first ever starring movie of my idols.  I have watched the thriller and I so like it.  It is a hit for sure.

Since I do not have special someone to bring with me, I take bring my two nieces with me who happens to be an AlDub fan like me.  It was a wonderful movie date with my nieces last Sunday.  We are having a great time watching the movie f our idols, done window shopping and eating our favorites.  I spend much last Sunday but no regrets because I spent it with my love ones.  Even though they give me so much headache, still they are so dear to me.  Hopefully we can do bonding more for it is really fun.  And we are waiting for the next movie of our idol the AlDub.  Oh, before I forgot, the movie is great.  You should watch it.

For comfortable ambiance

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So when your need services concerning your heater and a/c at home, you know who to call.  This company is one dial away from you.  For sure satisfaction will be serve properly and your home will have a very comfortable ambiance.

Praying for fruitful July

Even though it is two days late still I want to say hello and welcome the month of the July.  Yes, the first half months of the year has bid goodbye and the first month of the second half has just sits in.  Time and days really flies so fast these days.  It was like yesterday when I first glance the month of January now we are on the seventh month, July.  I am so thankful that we are on the seventh month and I am still blogging.  I am able to survive doing this part time job for the past six months.  Even if the writing jobs are very slow still I am able to renew my blogs.  Though I have to let go five of them.  I am so sad.

Anyways, as the first day of July kicks in I got new writing job.  I am the happiest saying that this is a good sign.  Hopefully this blessings will continue so I can help the family like I used to when I earned more than I expected.  I pray that this month will be a fruitful month for me and in the coming month.  I will do my best to deserve this blessings by working so hard and will update this blog as much as I could.  Thank you Lord God for this blessings.