I love fixing the hair of my nieces when they have activity at school or when I feel like doing it.  Also, when I saw an interesting hairstyle, I like to try it too and my nieces are my models.  They like me doing it to them because they feel very pretty after seeing the result.  I have tried braided hairstyle to them and they like it, in fact it is their favorite.  But I find it boring doing the same hairstyle.  It would be best if I have new hairstyle.  I once tried the one I saw online, it is very difficult for me.  The procedure online is not detailed and I find it hard to copy.

The nieces will be joining Santancruzan (Procession, StreetParade) in our village and they will be wearing gowns.  Of course, they asked me to do the hair and make-up.  My talent will be tested again.LOL  I have done the same last year and they like the braided hairstyle.  This time, I want to try different hairstyle.  I am searching for different hairstyle online but haven’t found the one that is easy to copy.  I do not want to do the braided hairstyle again even if the girls love it.  I want to try something new, I hope to find one soon because I have two days left.  I will show it to the girls and see if they like it, if not, well I guess I have to make the one that they like.  Trying hard hairdresser here. *wink!

Refer us to kidney stone specialist

My father undergone kidney operation eight years ago.  After the operation, the father took the prescribed medicines and then stopped taking it because he wanted to try herbal medicine.  It is his decision and no one can change it so we just say okay.  He wants to try it after hearing the statements of the people who has the same case with him and now is 100% healed after taking the certain herbal medicine.  But lately, his arms, wrist, and legs are swelling because of rheumatism.  He took the medicines that was suggested by his friends.  But the swelling and pain is just transferring from one place to another.  The sister told us to visit the doctor for us to know the reason why rheumatism is not leaving him.

We went to rheumatism specialist, and advised us to get some laboratory examinations to know the reason.  When the result came out, the doctor told us that the creatinine of my father is really high, the liver is a bit enlarging, seen stones in his left and right kidney.  It is very depressing because the father told us that he doesn’t want to go another operation since he is old.  He can manage the pain, according to him.  I doubt because the last time he is in pain and we do not want to see him in that way again.  Though the doctor did not told us for operation yet, he just refer us to kidney stone specialist.  Hopefully no more operation needed since the stones are not that big yet.

Cubes For Learning

When students are having a hard time learning concepts in math, unifix cubes might help. These are cubes that come in various colors, and each cube is considered to be one unit in terms of counting. The cubes lock together so that children can create lines that are various lengths. These lines represent a number. If you want to add two numbers together, you would create a line of cubes for the first number and a line of cubes for the second number. When the lines are created, the child can see how many cubes there are all together in order to get the answer.

This is a way for children to see a visual component of math. Some children learn better when they see something instead of just being told how to do a problem. You can print patterns from sites online so that children can copy the pattern. There are also math problems that can be printed so that children can practice addition and subtraction with the cubes. Children can practice sorting the cubes and practice estimating numbers. These are ideal for younger children as they are easy to hold and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Note to remind me

My sister is so bothered of me sleeping so late and waking up so late.  She always reminds me that my sleeping habit is not good for my body.  I should sleep early so my body will regain strength and energy.  She always reminded me of that but I did not listen.  I told her my reason why I am sleeping so late, but she won’t buy it.  She can’t understand that I only have quiet time at night where everybody is sleeping.  I cannot do my online stuffs on day time because of the kids.  I know that my sister is right, but I insist.

One day the sister gave me a note.  She posted it on the wall in my room.  The title of the note, is The main causes of liver damage.  She told me to read it and made the decision after reading it.  Reading that reasons scares me to death.  My sister really cares for me even if she is no longer living with us.  She posted it to remind me that sleeping too late and waking up too late is the main cause of liver damage.  I want to be healthy and not sickly, so I should do what my sister told me.  I have to change my sleeping habit.  And I will make schedule of when to update my blogs, time to go to bed and time to sleep.  I should start soon for my own good.