Encouraging him to do good

The results of the examinations of my nephew at school is not so good.  Though he got perfect score in other subjects, but his results in mathematics is very low.  He did not even get at least half of the items.  His mother is not happy of the results but did not nag her son.  They did study and review the previous lessons, but I think the nephew is not paying much  attention.  Well, he is only five years old, kids at this age prefers just to play than study their lessons.  Anyways, we go over the test papers so we can start again reviewing for their upcoming second quarter examination.

My sister is busy preparing her papers for maternity leave and she gets home very tired, she told me to do the review for her son.  Honestly, I do not like this job but I have no choice.  I am not good at this but I will do my very best to be of help for my nephew.  We started reviewing his lessons this morning, and my goodness it is not very easy.  Good thing I have lots of patience.LOL  I told him to do good for if he will get high score, his mother will buy him the toy that he wanted.  Yes, I am encouraging and motivates him so that he will pay attentions and will put in his mind what we have reviewed.  Our review lesson went well, I am wishing the nephew good luck.

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Christmas Ornament

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Kids with disability

My nephew is studying at special school.  The school that is specialized in kids with disability.  They accept normal and with disability kids.  Everyday when I fetch the nephew, I saw kids with disability.  And seeing them reminds me of how blessed I am.  Yesterday I watched the practice of the nephew for their field demonstration presentation for the school foundation day.  It was fun watching the kids doing their individual moves.  Even if their is no synchronization, it makes all the parents proud of their kids participation, including me of course.  Watching the nephew showing no shyness makes me so happy.

Anyways, before the nephew’s scheduled time for practice, I get the chance to see the kids with disability practicing for their presentation.  I have seen all kinds of kids with disability. Watching them dancing is really amazing.  Most of them memorized all the steps.  I did enjoyed watching them smiling while dancing.  I can tell that they are having so much fun.  It feels like I am seeing normal kids enjoying.  I must say that these kids are really special.  I will for sure watch these kids perform on the foundation day, of course I will be supporting my nephew.  *wink*

We will surely succeed

Life is a wonderful journey and at the same time a struggle.  Yes, a struggle because as you enjoying your journey, you will encounter trials and difficulties.  This journey has good times and bad times, but still it is a wonderful one because it will make us a better and wiser person.  This is what I have observed and experience.  Some have lost their focus and gives up, it’s sad but that is life.  You need to have huge determination, stay focus and always think positive.  If ever you fell down just stand up, chin up and say you are fine and you can definitely achieve your goals and dreams in life.

Others say that it is easier said than done.  That is very true, to those person who has lots of negativity in their lives.  Those individual who afraid to try because they are scared of failure.  Some people forget that failure is a ladder that will help you strive harder to achieve success in life.  If you think of it in a positive way, failure is a great challenge for us to continue no matter how hard it is, and even if we stumble many times already.  However, we can’t do all these without the guidance of God.  We should not forget to pray and ask God’s power to light up always so we never lost hope.  So, the recipe of a wonderful journey is stay focus, never give up, have the determination, strive harder and PRAY.  With these ingredient in life, we will surely succeed!