Doing her project alone

Before I usually helped my nieces in doing their assignments and projects because I know the feeling of doing it all alone when I was still studying.  Looking at them reminds me of the time when I was still a student and no one is there to help me with my assignments and projects.  That is why I can’t just watch them alone and will not lend a help.  It is not easy to do it alone, it is still best to have someone helping you and giving ideas, views and opinions.  As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one”.

However, I realized that it is not good to help them always.  How can they learn and being independent?  So, I opted to just let them do their assignments and projects.  If they asked for any help I will still help them but only when they desperate.  Letting them do their stuffs is training them of being independent and for them to squeeze their brains.  Also, for them to develop their creativity, skills and ability.  Just like today, I just give her an idea and a theme as guidelines for her to come up with a nice design and interesting scrapbook.  Hopefully the niece will come up with a nice one.  By the way, it is fun watching her very busy doing her project.  Good luck niece!

My sister wants her son to be enrolled in one of the best school in the city.  However, the school is a bit strict.  The student will have to undergo series of examination to finally get in the school.  My nephew was accepted during the registration day.  But he has to take three (3) examinations before we enrolled him for the next school year.  The categories for the examinations are writing, reading and identifying letters, numbers, colors and the likes.  The sister is so worried on the writing and reading categories because the nephew is so lazy to write especially his name.  To him, his name is too long and writing it makes him really tired.LOL!  And nephew does not know how to read.

The sister still have two weeks of preparation to get her son ready for the examination.  The sister now is getting her son ready for the examination.  They have learning lessons everyday for two hours.  She is focusing on writing and reading.  The sister also strengthen her patience because her son is a bit stubborn.  I am also helping her when I have time and when her son is in the mood to learn.  I hope that their study and learning lessons will be successful and that the nephew will passed the three examinations to get in.  Good luck to my nephew and I am really praying for his upcoming examinations!

Thinking of renewing my passport

Some 10 years ago, I took passport because I am planning to apply for a job abroad.  I want to help the family financially and want to put up my own business.  Putting up a business needs enough capital, and I cannot save if my the salary in my present job only covers my daily expenses.  I took my chance applying for different jobs and in different country.  But for family reason, I did not able to pursue it.  When the agency called me to report for I already have an employer, I backed out because of my sister.  I guess it was God’s plan because a year after my father got sick.

My passport is on standby for a decade now.  I so wish I will be able to use it in the future.  I did not renew it for years now because there is no use.  Few days ago, I was cleaning my closet and saw my passport.  It brings back the memories back then.  I have lots of what if’s.  Well, I do not have any regrets with my decision back then because family comes first.  But if given the chance now, I still want to work abroad or try my lack abroad for better future.  Thinking of these things makes me want to renew my passport this year.  Hopefully I will be able to use my passport this year.  My knight in shining armour come in a hurry. *wink

Happy 37th years to me

Yes I just turned 37 years old yesterday.  And there are lots of things that  comes in my mind.  Things that makes me sad, happy, worry, excited, etc.. It’s a mixed emotions I must say.  I wanted to elaborate it but I decided not to because it would be best if I just keep it to myself to make my life a wonderful journey.  Well, my years in this world is so wonderful though I have encountered lots of difficulties that makes me want to give up.  But with the help of my older sister, who is my confidant since my mother is no longer around, I am able to move on and embrace the beauty of life.

Life is a wonderful journey, the journey that I want to take and enjoy to the fullest.  On my 37th years on this earth, I wish to make my family proud of me.  I have few wishes, plans, prayers, goals, that hopefully will come true.  Making this dreams come true is not an easy journey and I want to take the first step right.  How to do that?  Well, by doing the things right and I have to start moving in making difference.  And, never forge to pray to God to guide me and give me strength so my journey would be a smooth sailing.  This I asked in Jesus name, AMEN!