The motorcycle of my sister is on standby for eight months now.  It is used as public utility vehicle in our village but when my older brother got a job, he stopped driving and their extra income has stopped too.  She is looking for a driver but have not found one with driver’s license.  There are some applying as driver but no driver’s license.  Since they can’t find driver for their motorcycle, the sister and her husband decided to surrender the franchise and send the motorcycle to the province of her in-laws.  It is useless to keep it, not earning and continue paying the tax.

This is the reason why the sister is thinking of venturing into another business.  It would be best if they have extra income aside from their salary.  She asked me of a nice business to start because she wants us to be partners.  I have already suggested of a possible business to start but she is not liking.  I think I should conducts feasibility study, good business plan, where to put it, profitable business and of course our target market.  It is not an easy job to do I must say, however, I will try my very best.  Hopefully when I am done with the study and survey, the sister will like it so we can start the business sooner.  Good luck to us!

Rushed to the hospital

Friday last week, my niece is complaining of stomachache.  We thought that her stomach is just upset of the foods she is eating at school.  We give her medicines for the stomachache.  However, the niece is still suffering from pain the following day (Saturday) and she is vomiting.  Lots of negative thoughts that come in our mind, we thought it was food poisoning.  According to the niece, every time she vomit the pain is gone.  We still give her the medicines for stomachache and home remedy that was suggested by friends.  We decided to bring her to her pediatrician on Monday.

Sunday morning, the niece is lying on the bed when her mother checked on her.  Her mother (sister-in-law) is panicking when her daughter told her to bring her to the hospital.  The pain is severe and the niece cannot bare it any longer.  We then rushed her to the hospital.  The niece undergo urinary test.  We waited 30 minutes for the test result.  After an hour of waiting, the doctor called us with the urinary test result.  The doctor told us that the niece is suffering from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).  The vomiting and stomach pain are some of the symptoms.  This is what she got from eating too much junk foods, drinking soft-drinks (cola) and   juice.  Her fossils average is 4.8 from the normal range of 0-1.  Quiet high I must say.  I am glad that the niece told us to bring her to the hospital.

Therefore I conclude that self-medication is not good.  Every time you felt serious pain do not self-medicate.  Go to the doctor because the doctor is the right person to help you easing your pain.

Shock Wave Lithotripsy

The Shock Wave Lithotripsy is one of the treatment method for kidney stone.  This is also called Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy.  Shock wave from outside the body will be targeted the kidney stone that causing the stone to fragment.  This is a non-surgical method for treating stones in the kidney or in the ureter.  The stones are broken into tiny pieces that are small enough to pass in the urine.  The procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis, so it is less painful to the patient and the patient does not have to stay in the hospital for days.

This is the method that the doctor of my father is suggesting since he does not want to undergo another operation for his kidney stones.  He said he is too old for that and once is enough.  He is being stubborn and the best solution is to agreed what he has decided.  He do not want another cut on his tummy so shock wave is the best method.  And the doctor said that it should be done ASAP because the stone is almost blocking the ureter.  Before it happens and before the father will suffer from severe pain, shock wave must be done soon.  The problem is that it is a bit costly and we do not know where to get the money.  We are still finding ways to come up with the amount needed.  Lord please help us.

Some countries have been hit by earthquake recently.  It is scary because the magnitudes are high and it will destroy properties and infrastructures.  Because of the several fault line in the country, Phivocs (Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology), the Philippine national institution that provides information on the activities of volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis is doing their best to let the people know about this issue.  Awareness about this matter in really important so the people will have an idea what to do and where to go when this natural calamities happens.  Some part of the country are experiencing quakes with high magnitude and lives damages to properties and lives.

So, the institution is marking some parts of the country that has fault lines.  This is to let the people know and to be aware when earthquakes hits the country.  Just this afternoon, a magnitude 6.1 quake hits some parts of Mindanao particularly Surigao.  I have heard in the news about it.  So far no reported damages of properties and lost lives.  I do hope that the people of the affected areas are safe, properties and infrastructures are safe.  The phivocs is warning the people of the aftershocks already.  I pray to God that the country and the people are safe and no more aftershocks too.  Be safe everyone!