My body is aching. This is what I told my sister especially my back. I am having a hard time when I get up every morning. Every time I got up in the morning, the first word that I utter is ‘ouch’. This is because my back and waist are really painful. I asked my sister to go with me to the doctor because I need a check-up badly for cannot bear the pain. But the sister suggested having full body massage instead of going to the doctor. The body pain that I have is because of too much hard work at home, and less rest. And I guess the sister is right.

We have search for a massage parlor already, but haven’t been there yet. I want my sister to go with me; however, she is too busy with work.   I will have to wait till she has free time. I am glad that my father has a friend who is doing a home service massage. I do not need to go to the parlor anymore. I made an appointment already because I need full body massage as soon as possible. I get the full body massage two days ago. The massage is really painful, but it feels really good after that. No more pain in the morning and no more ouch so far.

I like to travel but after the bombing incident few months ago in some part of the country, I got scared. I always pray to God to guide me and keep me safe always even if it is a short travel. I have experienced bombing incident before and it took me almost a month to recover. I am shocked and cannot sleep straight at night because when I close my eyes, the flash the bomb that explodes distracts me. We do not know what is ahead of us, and bad people are just around the corner, so it is best to always pray.

Sometimes in our life we forget to offer prayers to God. We forget to talk to him and give some of our time to him because we get busy with our job, life, and earthly doings. We only remember Him when we encounter trials, difficulties, troubles, emergency and the likes. The worse is, we are complaining why it is happening to us. And why He let these things happens to us, the questions that only we can find answer and solutions. We should remember that God is our refuge; He is the source of everything. We should offer to him everything that we do so everything will fall into places. When bad things happen to us, let us not lose focus, because He only wants us to wake up and remember Him.

Ready for the competition

I have posted in my other blog about my niece preparation for the RSPC (Regional School Press Conference). I can see the eagerness of the niece to win and give pride to their school. She has been practicing a lot writing about sports. She is one of the five candidates that represent their school. I wish the niece good luck and I hope she will succeed. The sister did encourage her and motivate her to do well and win because she failed before when the sister represents our school. The sister wanted the niece to win for her dream that never happen before.

Anyways, the long wait is over because the three days competition starts this day, February 5, 2015. The delegates from different schools arrived. The niece competes on the second day of the competition. By looking at her, I can say that she is tense but ready for the competition. She is prepared and trained well by her mentors. I really wish to watch her compete but no one will look after the younger ones at home. I may not be there to cheer my niece, my prayers are always there to support her and wish her win. Good luck Ronna.

The controversial national costume

image not mine

Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa wore a national costume designed by Colombian designer at he recently concluded Miss Universe 2014 beauty pageant. Many were shocked because the National Costume she wore is far from what the people are expecting. Some says the National costume she wore is a disaster. It surely shows that the designer does not really know the Filipino culture. People are comparing the National Costume to a cake, cupcake design and the famous Halo-halo (country’s delicacies). The costume is very controversial because of the color of the flowers on the dress as well as the head dress.

Personally, I did not really like the national costume Mary Jean Lastimosa wore during the Miss Universe pageant. There are lots of national costumes where shown when the pageant is approaching made by Filipino designers and I must say those were really nice and would make the country’s bet shines the brightest. But the Binibining Pilipinas (BBP) chairwoman Stella Marques-Araneta choose designer from Colombia because she is a Colombian. In my opinion, the National costume is a disaster. I do hope that this year, the chairwoman will use National Costumes and gowns for the country’s bet for beauty pageant made by Filipino designers because they know better.