Looking for blood type O donor

We have a neighbor who is like a family to us.  I have known him since he was still in the elementary.  Also, have watched him grow until he for married.  My father was one of his principal sponsor when he got married.  He and his family is very close to us.  Two years ago he got really sick.  He was brought to the hospital by his mother because he turns yellowish and he is swelling.  There they found out that he has kidney failure.  He is very ill.  He was advised to undergo dialysis because of kidney malfunction.  We were shocked because he is too young to have this kind of illness.

Right now he is badly needed of blood type O because his hemoglobin went down to 69.  He asked me if I know someone whose blood type is O.  Luckily my older brother’s blood type is O.  I already told him, but he did not come to our house to talk to my brother.  He just sent me message through Facebook.  I wanted him to come to our house so he can talk to my brother so my brother will know when will they go to the hospital.  But he did not come, instead he got mad posted on his Facebook wall not so good status.  I calm myself and try to understand him because he really badly needed the blood.  I hope he will find time to come to our house, or maybe find someone who can donate blood for him.  I pray for him and I hope God will give him more strength.

For future use

When the older brother got hospitalized three years ago, it cost us a lot because the brother does not have health insurance. I realized then to get a health insurance for myself and for my brother. It is really important to get health insurance because of the benefits we can get if we were hospitalized. I planned to apply for health insurance last year but was not able to because I always forgot. I am also waiting for the older brother’s decision too. Because I don’t have permanent income, my older brother will shoulder the monthly obligation. I am glad he agreed to pay my health insurance as well.

One thing in my list when the year 2015 sets in is to apply for health insurance. It is in my top priority because health is important. We do not know when we will need it. I have talked to my brother already told him the amount he is going to pay upon applying. We now have health insurance and I am happy that I am able to fulfil the first on my list. We do not wish to get sick but this thing is sometimes unavoidable so we have to be ready all the time. The health insurance is for future use.

Let’s forgive and forget

It has been eight months since the younger brother decided to forgive his wife and starts anew. We did agree with the brother’s decision because it is too early to just forgive and forget. What his wife did to him is too difficult for us to understand and forgive. But the love of my brother for his wife overpowering the sin she committed to their married life. Although, we are against of his decision, we respected it and understand him. He wants a complete family, so we did not interfere with his decision. But we told him that his wife is not welcome to come in our house anymore. We cannot forgive her for now, maybe after years.

However after hearing the message of the priest while attending masses, we are having our second thoughts. The younger brother contacted us and told us that he wants to bring his wife on New Year; we thought it is time to reconcile, forgive and forget. But before having our final decision, we talked it over and weighing everything. Life is too short to live in grudge, and anger in our hearts, right? She is part of the family already. Letting the brother standing in the middle of two walls is not easy. So, we decided to forgive her and forget what she did. Besides, everybody deserves second chance.

The pool party is cancelled

My friends and I at school where my nephew studied planned to have our Christmas party at the pool near our area. Everything is planned perfectly, the date, time, foods that we have to bring and the pool we will be going. We also have our final meeting during the Christmas party of the kids that was five days before the planned pool party. The pool party planned last month. I did not agree with it because planning ahead is not good. It will not be happening. I have experienced it many times and I told them about it. But they insist that it won’t happen. Our pool party will pushed through. So, I go with the flow.

Today is the day of our pool party. However, two days before the pool party I received a message from one of them telling me that three of the girls are not sure to come. Some problems come out. They have to choice but to cancel the pool party. We felt sad because three of us are ready for the pool party. We in fact bought the things that we will be bringing and wearing. Early morning today, they went to our house and told me their reasons why they cannot attend to the pool party. After hearing their reasons, I understand them and told them that we can still have our pool party anytime when things go smoothly.