One week break

Waking up early is too tiring for me because I sleep late. But I do not have a choice but to get up and get myself ready to fetch the five years old nephew at school. After arriving from fetching the five year old nephew, I have to prepare the three year old nephew for school too. These two nephews make my days so busy. It is so tiring I must say because I love doing it and I like to him the family/my siblings because they do not have a nanny to take care of their kids while they are at work. Doing these also allows me to meet new people and make new friends too.

Even though I like my new time schedule now, still I get tired and I need a break. I am wishing that the kids will have at least a day or two off from school so I can take some rest and relax myself. My wish was granted because the kids have one week break from school. Woohoo! I do not have to wake up early. I will have more time to sleep in the morning and nap in the afternoon. I so missed being in my room, sleeping, resting and facing my computer when I want to. My new job keeps me away from facing my computer. I do not have the energy anymore to do my online stuffs because I get so tired after fetching the five year old in the morning, and be with the three year old in the afternoon at school. One week break is awesome! Thanks God!

Love your lung

My brothers and father are smoker back then. Each day of their lives, we always told them to stop smoking for our own good because even if we do not smoke, still we are affected for possible lung problems because we smell the smoke from their cigarettes. Years have passed my older brother stops smoking first. It was SIL who persuaded the older brother to quit smoking for their health especially the kids. The father stops smoking after his kidney operations. And the second older brother quit smoking after hospitalized due to difficulty in breathing. Too bad they have to experience these before realizing to stop smoking.

Our lung is one of the most important parts in our body. We should take good care of it if we want to live a longer life and illness free. Smoking is one thing that will destroy our lungs. Not only the smokers can be affected and also the secondary smokers. It is sad to know that others are not considered to others. They smoke anywhere they want and like and do not matter if they are in the middle of many people. I do hope that they will realized soon that smoking is not helping them but instead taking years of their life here on earth. Let us take good care of our lungs. To smokers, it is not too late to stop smoking be healthy.

When we say the word stress, it is more applicable to women especially to the mothers and the working mothers. They are more stress because they are loaded with lots of worries and pressured at work and at home. I can say it is true looking at my sister who is a mother and as a teacher as her job. She does not have enough time with her kids when she got home because she is very tired. Also, does not have time to be alone to re-charge and regain the energy she has lost. She is having a hard time of what to prioritize and what to come first. May it be herself, her kids or her job?

A mother who is a homemaker and an employee at the same time is a very challenging role. The stress they get at home and at work make them feel so exhausted. Since it is the life they choose, the best way that the mothers should do is to balance everything.  It needs to balance everything to cope up with the daily stress they are facing. No matter how busy they/you are, you should find few minutes or hours in a day to take care of yourselves. Busy mothers/women needs alone time for herself to recharge. Finding that moment to quiet sitting and breathing is a big help to recharge and stress-free.

The nephew will turn four in two months and he is still drinking his milk through feeding bottle. The sister wanted him to start drinking his milk using the glass but the nephew refuses. He will only cry very loudly and won’t drink it unless we transferred the milk in the feeding bottle. His reason is that, why he can’t drink in the feeding bottle while his brother can? Funny isn’t it? We let him win this time to stop him from crying because his scream so loudly and it is so annoying. That is how smart the nephew is. He has reason for everything. I bet he will be a great debater when he grows

Even though we let him win most of the time, we are still trying to make him understand and explain to him that he is growing bigger, becoming an older brother and an older brother doesn’t drink milk in the feeding bottle. It would be a difficult task to make him understand what we are saying at his age, however, we will probably use the easy way that he would understand what we are saying. Since I spend more time with him since his parents are both working, I will be the one doing the task. I hope my patience is enough not to get angry when he cries, screaming and yelling protesting if I give his milk in the glass. Good luck to me.