My father will celebrate his 70th birthday next month.  We secretly planned for this event.  We want to surprise him.  We will invite some relatives, close friends of him, and neighbors who are close to him.  We already pick the place where we could have a simple celebration.  We wanted it this way because we want him to remember this event.  It is his first time to celebrate the birthday so we want him to be memorable.  An event that he will treasure forever.  I can’t wait to see father’s face about our surprise birthday party.

However, as the day of father’s birthday is fast approaching.  I thought of asking him what is his plans for his birthday.  What he wants to do, and what he wants on his big day.  Indeed the father is a simple person.  He does not want and extravagant celebration.  He wants it to be simple with the family and some close friends.  And he wants to celebrate his birthday at home.  The surprise party is canceled because father won’t like an extravagant one.  He does not want us to spend much.  Simple dinner at home is fine with him.  As his request, the plans has changed.  It’s his birthday and his wish so we will grant it.

So happy that we are okay now

My cousin and I have not talked each other for six years now.  It was just a pity quarrel that turned into a big issue because of our pride.  I must admit I did wrong to her but not as big and she did to me.  But I did not dwell on it.  I do not mind it before because I thought it will just die naturally however, she made the big issue out of it.  That is why our misunderstanding lasts for years.  I really wanted to talk to her and ask for forgiveness but refrain from doing it because of my family.  My cousin is the kind of person that will make you a lesser person.  This was all from the past.  My cousin and I are okay now.

My cousin and I are okay now.  And I so happy that my prayers were answered.  We did not talk about it anymore.  We just talk to each other like nothing bad happens before.  It is not good to bring back the sad and bad things that happen in the past.  The feeling is great knowing that we are okay now and we becoming friends again.  Though there are awkward moments when we talk.  Hopefully, we get over with this awkward feelings.  I wish that we will bring brack the closeness we had before.  Not sooner because we are like strangers as of now.

My older sister and I thinking of putting up a business this year to earn extra income.  We do not know what kind of business we are going to put up yet.  There are lots of possible businesses that is profitable that we like to start but our capital is limited.  We thought of starting a small one.  Since we do not know where to start, I told the sister if we could try it online.  We just have to post our products/items on our social media account and entertain possible client there.  Though it is very risky since there are lots of scammers, still we want to give it a try.  And we decided to offer it to our friends and relatives.  Through them and recommendations costumers will come and try our products and items.

In my youth, I always thought of having an RTW (ready to wear) business like selling clothes for men, women, and kids.  To me, this kind of business is good compared to food related business.  And it is easy to sell it online.  I have seen people doing this kind of business online and they are successful, so I want to try my luck.  Who knows I will become successful like them.  Since it is a partnership between me and my sister, and we both have social media account, our possible clients/costumers will be wider.  Hopefully, this is a good business for us.  And hope, it is a good decision and idea.  Though we haven’t decided yet!  Wish us luck!

Beyonce May Have Hinted About Her Pregnancy Months Ago

Well, Beyonce announced on Wednesday, February 1, 2017, and it didn’t take long for the Beyhive to start their detective work to determine how far along Bey is, when she found out she was pregnant, and any and all hints that they could possibly find out. Now, we know that sometimes the over-zealous fans of the Beyhive can really read too much into things, but they do think they may have finally come up with something!

The detectives of the Beyhive have come to the conclusion that Bey may have actually hinted at her pregnancy a few months ago. Back around Christmas time, Bey posted a whole slideshow of photos. In several of them, she is holding up what appeared at the time to be a peace sign. Now, looking back, Beyonce’s fans believe that the two fingers she was holding up was actually a hint at the TWO babies she was carrying!

Bey’s fans have been looking closely over paparazzi photographs of the songstress through the last few months, and believe that she hid her growing baby bump in long, flowy dresses, and dark outfits. Back on December 11, she and Blue Ivy met with Mariah Carey and her kiddos, and Bey was photographed wearing a black outfit and an over sized coat. However, now that the cat is out of the bag, we know that Beyonce is going to rock that pregnancy fashion. We can’t wait to see what she wears!