Filipina OFW faces death in Indonesia

As much as I wanted not to post a sad article, I just can’t help myself but to speak through this my opinion and my sympathy to the Filipina OFW how is facing death in Indonesia this week for drug trafficking.  Her case is not simple.  Many have been sentenced to death for drug trafficking.  This is not a new issue to the country, and Mary Jane Veloso is not the only Filipinsa facing the same.  The government have been appealing to the Indonesian government to review her case to prove her innocence and to save her life, but the Indonesian government did not listen to the plea of the family of Mary Jane and the Philippine government.

I felt really sad for her and her family.  Her main purpose of going abroad is to work to help the family back home, but that dream was stolen by the dirty works of certain individual.  The drugs were found inside her lagged when she arrives at the airport of Java, Indonesia.  Her dreams were crashed down, her life changed, and her future is gone.  How cruel the person who did this to her.  Well, as they say the damage has been done and there is no way we can return it back.  I just pray for her and her family.  If the execution happens, may God bless her soul and may she rest in peace with the Lord.

More toys for the little boys

 photo toys_zpsykcyxdvo.png

Having little ones at home are fun but tiring.  It is tiring because they create huge mess in every corner of the house, quarreling over toys, teasing and the likes.  Even if they have lots of toys, they still fight over a certain toy/s.  But it is fun seeing them playing, exploring and learning each day.  However, lately, I felt like they are bored playing the same toys over and over again.  They do not like to play with it anymore.  Sometimes, the sister and I will bring them to the play area in the mall to play.  See and play new and lots of toys.

 photo banner1_zpstmdau9tl.png

Bringing them to the play store to play is tiring because it is far from our home and expensive.  I told the sister that instead of bringing them there and spend money, why not buy new toys for them to play at home.  Finding toys for kids are very easy nowadays, we just have to visit the website and look for the kids and toys category. They have everything that you need for.  Added to this are their various of coupons that can be use to get great discounts and deals.   Indeed this site is worth to visit.  We do not need to go to the malls/department stores anymore because this website is a one stop shop.

Still waiting for the call

Since my sister got scammed by someone using the name of her friend sending message through phone, I don’t entertain phone calls and messages from an unknown numbers.  It is better to ignore them than be scammed by those bad people.  Few weeks ago, there was this number keeps calling on my phone.  I don’t answer the call because the number is not familiar.  After multiple calls, they sent message through my phone telling me that an employee or an applicant of their company referred me.  They want my full name and active phone number for initial interview.  Since I know someone working in their company, I gave my full name and phone number.

It has been a week since I gave my phone number to them.  I am still waiting for their call because I wanted to try to work in their company.  But I haven’t receive any call from them.  It makes me think that those calls are just prank call, however, I am consoling myself telling that maybe they are just busy and one day they will call me for initial interview.  I am praying and hoping that they will call soon because I really wanted to try and maybe be part of their company.  I really wanted a job, new work, new environment and new people.

His new toy

To own a motorcycle is one of the greatest dreams of my brother.  He loves to ride it and go strolling around.  His favorite toy I must say.  He is like a little boy that wants to own a very expensive remote control toy car.  Once he asked the sister to be the guarantor because he thinks of getting an installment motorcycle.  But the sister did not agree to his idea.  The sister is really scared because of the several motorcycle accidents on the road.  She is not being so negative thinker, to her, it is better to be safe than sorry.

The sister’s decision make the brother sad, but he does understand my sister’s point of view.  Even though, he still said that one day he will buy motorcycle.  Indeed, his dream did come true.  After getting a job and have a good salary, the brother finally bought his favorite toy.  He is the happiest man on earth I must say.  We can’t stopped him from doing so because this is what he aim for when he got a job.  The motorcycle is nice and looks pretty.  Unfortunately I did not able to take a photo.  Anyways, congratulations to my brother to having his new toy.  Drive safely and carefully.  We will be praying for your safety always!