Well, Beyonce announced on Wednesday, February 1, 2017, and it didn’t take long for the Beyhive to start their detective work to determine how far along Bey is, when she found out she was pregnant, and any and all hints that they could possibly find out. Now, we know that sometimes the over-zealous fans of the Beyhive can really read too much into things, but they do think they may have finally come up with something!

The detectives of the Beyhive have come to the conclusion that Bey may have actually hinted at her pregnancy a few months ago. Back around Christmas time, Bey posted a whole slideshow of photos. In several of them, she is holding up what appeared at the time to be a peace sign. Now, looking back, Beyonce’s fans believe that the two fingers she was holding up was actually a hint at the TWO babies she was carrying!

Bey’s fans have been looking closely over paparazzi photographs of the songstress through the last few months, and believe that she hid her growing baby bump in long, flowy dresses, and dark outfits. Back on December 11, she and Blue Ivy met with Mariah Carey and her kiddos, and Bey was photographed wearing a black outfit and an over sized coat. However, now that the cat is out of the bag, we know that Beyonce is going to rock that pregnancy fashion. We can’t wait to see what she wears!

Family should come first

I have seen successful businessman/businesswoman and person who are successful in their choose career.  Their motivation is their family and kids.  They are doing their best to give their family a decent living, send their kids to nice schools, give anything they want and provide their needs.  They sometimes took event the day that they are supposed to be with their family to go to work or finished their paper works.  This is one of the advantages of a successful person.  You seemed to forgot that your family needs your presents not only the things that you ca give and provide for them.  Sad but this is true and happening in the present.

I am saying this because I have observed this kind of situation.  Some really forgot that family should come first before anything else.  Even if you are doing it all for them and for their future.  How can you have a wonderful future when you forgot to give time to your family even for just one day.  The family needs your presents and time to be with them.  Do some bonding, and catching up on the lost times because you get so busy with work.  Let us not forget that family comes first.  Your success is nothing when you lost the reason why you are working so hard for the future?  We should balance everything so that you will become successful in your chosen field and family.

I always have in my mind the kind of look that I wanted in our house.  I wanted to do some changes to make it spacious, also I want to extend the room of my brother because it is so crowded.  I have not share this to any of my family yet because I am scared that they will tell me I am so ambitious.  But I do pray that this will happen one day, on the day that we less expected it.  And with God’s perfect time, the day of the house renovation arrives.  Yes, I am the happiest person when we finally have the budget for house renovation.

I told my father of the look that I want in our house.  Of course, they can change it or say no if they do not like my suggestion.  Luckily my father agreed my suggestion.  Hr contacted the worker he knows and start the house renovation.  The house is almost done.  Slowly I started cleaning the mess, doing some changes in the living room, kitchen, dining room and of course of the three rooms at home.  I so live the new look of our house.  It feels really good to see that the plan that I wanted in our house came true finally.  Thanks to my father for the financial support to make the renovation pushed through.  Next stop would be my interior decoration talent.wink**

New Year, New Beginning

The year 2016 just bid goodbye.  It was an awesome year for all of us even though we have encountered lots of problems, trials and difficulties.  At some point in our life we wanted to give up and stop moving, but the determination to go on with life no matter how difficult it is, made all of us surpass the trials in life.  The year 2016 is a tough year to our family.  I can say that our faith, strength, and patience were tested.  Thanks to God for the strength and focus mind He has given to us.  We are able to find ways on how to embrace the trials and difficulties we faced.

The year 2017 just sits in.  New year and new beginning for all of us.  We welcome the year 2017 with a blast and praying that this year would be a blessed year for the family and to all the people in the world.  We just have to continue what we are doing and improve it for the better future.  As for myself, I am thinking of starting a new business (small one).  I am not getting any younger, I have to think of something fruitful for this year.  I will still do what I am doing and do the things that makes me happy.  I hope and pray that I start the new year with new beginning.  For better me and wiser me.  Amen!