The result is not good

After taking all the medicines prescribed by the doctor, my father and I went to the hospital yesterday to have laboratory tests.  The father took FBS, URIC and CREA tests.  The tests needed before going back to his doctor for follow-up.  The results came up in the afternoon.  We were sad because of the URIC and CREA results that went a bit high to the previous tests made.  We do not know what is wrong when in fact the father took all the medicines and avoided the foods that is not good for him.

We are worried because the doctor said that high URIC and CREA will damage father’s kidney.  Right now the father has stones on both kidneys and we are advice to get shock wave since the father do not want to undergo another operation.  Because we do not have the money yet, we just bought the medicines prescribed and father also take herbal medicines hoping that his condition will get better.  However, after seeing the result I guess we need to do the shock wave as soon as possible to save father’s kidneys.  Tomorrow we will go to the doctor to show father’s laboratory result, we expect that the doctor will say bad news since the result is not good.

The danger of vapor intrusion

One of the alarming problems today is vapor intrusion.  This vapor intrusion occurs when the chemical vapors migrated through the soil into the foundations of the buildings or basements from the contaminated groundwater or soil.  This is due to improper waste disposal from industrial sites, uses of petroleum products, dry cleaning solvents, and many industrial chemical contains VOCs.  Vapors that comes from chemical called the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that easily evaporates into air.  These chemical vapors sometimes posing risks to human health because it degraded the indoor air.  This is an environmental contamination that only the health officials/regulators or more knowledgeable person about environment can help.  Because of the studies they have conducted to solve this very alarming issue that is not good for the environment also to all human beings.

People that smell these chemical vapors may experience eye and respiratory irritation, headache, nausea or other symptoms.    Not only that, in some cases, it increases the risk of cancer if too much exposure.  These are the danger that caused by vapor intrusion.  Individuals that can be easily affected because of sensitive conditions are the pregnant women or may become pregnant, infants and young children, elderly, and people with chronic disease or compromised immune system.  It is indeed very alarming.  We should take care of ourselves because it is not easy to get sick and worse to get a very difficult diseases like cancer.  We should not put our life and the life of our love ones at risk and in danger, contact the right agency/company that will surely help us solving this issue.

Career Guidance Day

Yesterday was the Career Guidance Day of my nephew at school.  This is sort of knowing the kids thought of what would they want to become when they grow up.  What profession they are dreaming and want to achieve in the future.  The kids are encourage to wear costumes on the profession they are dreaming of.  But wearing costumes is not compulsory.  I wanted the nephew to wear costumes but the problem is he is confused of what he wants to become.  His mother (my sister) wants him to become a priest but my nephew wants to become a soldier.

Anyways, the Career Guidance Day was successful.  Lots of kids are wearing costumes and some are just wearing casual wear.  But even though they are wearing casual wear (including my nephew), they know what they want to become with they grow old.  They have simple fashion show at school.  I am so proud of my nephew because he is not shy anymore.  He went on the stage when his name is called and strike a pose.  The soldier in the making is making us so proud of him.  I hope that he will achieved his dream in life.  See the image of my nephew striking a pose.

Your home’s roof has a big impact on appearance, but it also protects your home from the outdoor elements. Since your roof covers such a large area, it’s important to select a roofing material that compliments the architectural style of your home. By choosing the right roof you can enhance the beauty of your home with a new roof that will last for many years.

Different styles of architecture reflect different roof styles with various shapes, pitches and overhangs. By following your home’s style, your roof will reflect a more authentic look. If you’re not sure what style home you have, do a little online research to look for similar features. Here are some good style tips to follow:


Colonial-style homes typically have symmetrical facades with front porches, porch railings and balanced features. On two-story colonial homes, the second-story roof line always has a high-pitch while the first-story roof line is broad and sloping.
Style Tip: Gray or black slate-look shingles accented with hues of brown, blue or red work well.

English Tudor

Tudor-style homes are typically built with red or tan brick with facades that are accented by cross-gables in gray or brown. Warm roofing colors will best enhance this style. English Tudor roofs are typical steep and high-pitched, so installation requires an experienced roofer for safety.
Style Tip: Warm gray, tan and brown shingle roofs will accent architectural features.


Victorian-style homes have complex roof lines that often consist of multiple levels, high dormer windows and steep-pitched turrets. This complicated roof style requires a professional roofing contractor with knowledge and experience in installation.
Style Tip: Slate-look shingles in tan, brown, red or dark gray are perfect for this style.


Craftsman-style homes have expansive roof lines with large, low overhangs, so the roof style has a major impact on your home’s appearance. Craftsman architecture has unique features only found on this style, so it’s important to choose a roof that looks authentic.
Style Tip: Wood-shake shingles in earth tones like tan, brown, green, red and gray are great.


Modern homes emphasize clean lines and low-pitched roof lines. Many even have flat roofs. To enhance architectural style and features select a simple roof style and material that won’t overpower the simplicity of modern style.
Style Tip: Asphalt shingles in brown, gray or black will compliment modern features.