Happy to share my views

Earlier at the school, I am having a good conversation with a friend.  She is thinking of putting up her own business and also thinks of going back to school.  She is asking my opinions and views about it since I am older to her.  I am glad that she trusted me that much to ask me of my opinions.  Because I graduated a four year business course, I shared to her my views and opinions when it comes to putting up a business.  She is only high school graduate and lack of knowledge about business matters.  So, I am trying to give the best opinions I have based from what I have learned in my course.

I so missed having this kind of conversations.  The last time I have this kind of conversation was when a friend of my sister asked me to make a business plan for him.  It was a nice experienced even if he did not able to push it through because of financial issues, but having be able to share something to someone is a joy in my heart.  And be asked by someone to make a plan for them.  I still hope that he still has the business plan I made so when he is financially stable he can pushed it through.  Anyways, the conversation I had with a friend earlier went well.  She likes my opinions and views.  I do hope that I am able to help her in making her decisions.  I wish her well, and hope her soon to be business will be profitable.

One of her goal when their class started, she wants to be on the top.  She did not able to be in the fast learner class and she is very sad about it.  But hearing that she still have the chance to be in the fast learner class if she will finished top one in their class.  So, she set her goal and will do her very best to get it.  My niece is a very competitive kind of person.  I am pretty sure that she can do it.  First grading period was not a good start for the niece because she finished in third place.  I can see the sadness in her eyes and I told her that she still have the chance to get what she wants.  Just study hard and set the goal a bit high.

The motivation I gave to her was a success because the niece is the top one in their class for second grading.  She is the happiest girl in the world and I am so proud of her.  Because you want it, now you got it!  Two more grading to go in determining if you will make it to the fast learner class.  Long way to go my niece.  Keep up the good works and double the hard work to maintain in the top position till fourth grading.  Congratulations!

One Step Higher

 Last grading (First grading), my nephew was on the ninth place.  I am so proud of him because I did not expect him to be part of the top 10. But on the second grading, I doubt if he is still part of the top 10 because of the scores he got in their daily activity, seat work and assignments.  In fact he got multiple of zero score, that made his mother so angry.LOL  Well, he does not want to study.  I guess he got bored.  And he has couple of absences.  I have to use my best move to motivate him to go to school. whew*

Earlier today was the awarding of honors at my nephew’s classroom for second grading.  The teachers are picking up 10  outstanding students in their class again for second grading.  Based from the nephew’s performance and score, I doubt if he is still part of the top 10.  Though I am hoping and praying because his examination test results are not bad.  When the teacher handed to me the certificate, I am surprised for I really did not expecting it.  The nephew is the top 8.  One step higher than the previous grading.  Good job nephew, I am so proud of you.  Continue doing well at school for you will surely make it to the top position.

Long vacation is over

One week of vacation is over and I am sad because I still want more days of rest and relax.  But sad to say I have to face the reality.  Kids are back to school and I have to go back to my nanny job of my nephews.  Though I like spending time with them and I treasure every moment of it a lot, there are times that I want to be by myself.  I want to spend me time.  I was not able to go to the province with my sister because my father wants to go with them this time.  I guess he needs more time to relax too and go somewhere else to unwind.

Anyways, since the long vacation (one week) is over my time has to change too.  Back to sleeping early and waking up early so I have energy to babysit my nephews.  Today is my last day of staying up late and waking up late too.  My nephew’s class will resume on Wednesday.  I have to make my last day well rested, fruitful and enjoyable.  I started my last day updating my blogs to make this day fruitful.  It have been days since the last time I updated my blogs.  Being lazy again, and I really hate it but taking care of kids makes me so tired and do not have the energy to sit in front of my laptop.