Two months ago, the nephew took an entrance examination in the certain school.  The school that would surely develop his skills and will give him great teachings.  I am not saying that other schools won’t give him that just that the school is much better.  And it is not easy to get into this school because the students who wants to enroll will have to undergo several tests to get in.  And the nephew undergo three sets of examinations.  Even though the nephew is not that good, we still tried hoping and praying that he will make it.

Two months of waiting for the results makes us so excited and at the same time scared.  But we still think positive and claimed that the nephew pass the examination.  Yesterday the sister went to the school to check for the result.  She is the happiest mother on earth after seeing the name of her son on the list of students who passed the examination.  It was an answered prayers I must say.  I am so happy for her and to my nephew.  He did it!  It is a long way for him.  I hope he will do good at the new school and pray for his wonderful journey in the new school.  Good luck nephew, you always make us so happy and proud especially your parents.  CONGRATULATIONS!

The Contemporary Cowhide Rug

Ready to punch up your living space? Are you ready to ramp up your home decor? It may be time to consider something you’ve never thought of before: a cowhide rug. Simultaneously classic and on-trend, cowhide rugs have a number of benefits, from style to practicality.

Cowhide rugs can be subtle accents in practically any room of your home, whether you have an enormous house or a small apartment. Since it’s a natural byproduct, it’s a great addition to a home that has a natural, warm, comfortable atmosphere. This wonderful example of the beauty of nature goes well with most types of decor thanks to their versatility. Plus, they’re easy to maintain, they’ll last for years and most of them are hypo-allergenic.

The Natural Beauty of a Cowhide Rug

The gorgeous natural patterns of cowhide rugs can be varied in both shape and color. Each cowhide rug is unique because each cow has its own combination of colors, shapes and patterns. Some cowhide rugs will be black and white, while others will be solid black, white, brown or gray. Since cows are such large animals, you can find rugs of all sizes to fit your space.

The Versatility of Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs don’t just have to go on the floor. You can also use one as a gorgeous wall hanging. If you do want to use the cowhide rug on the floor, you’ll have a soft, comfortable place to stand or a great setting for an eye-catching piece of furniture. How visible you want the rug to be will determine where you place it. Additionally, you can also a chair with a cowhide rug. Small rugs can be used as throws on the backs of couches or leather chairs. This is a cool, unique idea if you have a country home.

Cowhide Rugs are Tough

Cow hide is highly durable and tough, meaning your cowhide rug will last for years. Despite how soft and pliable the rug is, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how it will withstand the test of time. The better you care for your rug, the longer it will last. If you opt to hang it on the wall, it could last for decades because it won’t experience any wear and tear.

Caring for Cowhide Rugs

In order to extend the rug’s life even more, it’s important to care for the cowhide. Luckily, this isn’t very difficult to do. Cowhide is easy to clean using just a damp sponge. You can also give it a good shake to fluff up its coat and get rid of any debris. If you happen to spill something on the rug, you’ll simply need to wipe it off with a mild soap and warm water.

Cowhide is Hypo-Allergenic

If you or someone in your household has allergies, it can be difficult to find furnishings and decor that don’t irritate those allergies. Cowhide is a great option because most cowhide rugs are fragrance-free and hypo-allergenic.

Get well soon niece

One thing that I do not want to see is any member of the family get sick or hospitalized especially the kids.  That is why I always reminded the kids to watch what they eat, take extra careful when going/playing outside, eat on time, not to eat too much junk foods, and the things that will make them sick.  I have seen two of them hospitalized before and it breaks my heart seeing them so weak and not in good condition.  However, as the niece grows older, she is a bit stubborn.  I have to warn them many times or even get mad at them.  And no matter how I tried to make them understand, kids are kids. They will do the things they want when older aren’t looking. arghs!

Because of the stubbornness, the niece is now sick and admitted in the hospital.  She has been suffering from abdominal pain for two days.  We went to the doctor to have her checked and took the prescribed medicines but still she is in pain.  Seeing the niece suffering from pain tears my heart, I wish to take the pain and have it instead.  This afternoon we decided to bring her to the hospital.  The pediatrician told us that she needs to be admitted.  I am so sad, but it is best for her to get right treatment and get better soon.  I pray to God that the niece will get better soon so we can see the smiles we used to see on her face every day.

Birthday plans for him

My father will be celebrating his 67th birthday this coming Thursday (April 7,2016).  The sister and I talked about this day on how we are going to celebrate his birthday.  The sister suggested to celebrate it outside for a change.  Instead of cooking and inviting his friends for dinner, she wanted to go out and have dinner outside.  Then get a room in karaoke bar and have a sing-a-long bonding since the family likes to sing especially my father.  Since it is his special day, we want him to enjoy and have fun.  The sister’s plan is really nice and I like it.  The father’s birthday would be memorable for sure.

However, brothers does not like the idea.  They prefer to celebrate it at home, cook father’s favorite foods and have our sing-a-long bonding at home.  We can use the karaoke set that we have.  And it is less costly.  If we want it more like a family bonding, we do not need to invite friends.  It would be a family event/celebration.  The brothers has a point.  The only issue is it would be a bit tiring because we have to cook foods, and prepare everything compared to just go out.

To sum it up, we have two plans for the father’s special day.  We have not decided yet of what plan we are going to choose.  The board member (that’s what we call the members of the family), will discuss and talk about the birthday plan.  Whatever the decision is, we will make the father’s birthday memorable for us.