Thinking of closing my account

I have two bank accounts. One is for my online earning and the other one is for my savings. However, because the blogging is very slow right now, I do not have any choice but to withdraw money from my other bank account to pay my bills and for personal needs. I have made series of withdrawal and was not able to make a single deposit. I didn’t notice that the money left in my other bank account is the limited balance only. And I have unpaid bill too. I have tried to borrow money from my sister to settle the unpaid bill but the sister does not have extra.

I felt really sad thinking that I do not have any choice but to withdraw the remaining balance in my other bank account. I do not want to close it but I do not have any option. I have talked to my sister about it and she told me to just close my other account. Just the thought of closing it breaks my heart. I wish I can think of other way than to close it because I really can’t afford to close my other bank account.

If you were me, would you close your account?

Getting used to cold water

The babies cannot sustain the coldness of the water that comes from the faucet that is why we used warm water to bath them.  Some babies are crying every time they are in the water which is normal I think because they feel cold.  This is opposite to my nephew because he loves to bath a lot and played the water.  Most of the time I took my nephew a bath because his parents are also busy preparing themselves to go to work.  I have to boil water for him to not feel very cold while taking him a bath.

Now that my nephew one year old, we trained him to take a bath with water from the faucet.  No more warm water for him to get use of the water from the faucet.  At first it is very difficult because he cries when he feels very cold.  But after days of doing it, he is now used to it.  I do not have to boil water to put in his tub before taking a bath.  I am happy that my nephew is very cooperative.  He can now take a bath without hot water to mix with the cold one.  If ever we are on travel for vacation, there is no problem in taking him a bath especially if there is no hot water available.

It is your choice after all

In our life we make decisions. It is like a stare that we have to step on for us to move forward. it is not easy to make decisions because we are afraid to commit mistakes and failed. Though failure is part of every success in life, still we are scared because failure will affect our self-confidence. I myself failed in getting what I want, it is painful and frustrating because I am doing my hardest but still I failed. Because of what happened, I stopped for a while. It is like I have to pick up the pieces, gather it again and anew.

However, getting our goals and dreams won’t be possible if we just quit in every failure. Failure is like an obstacle that we have to surpass for us to keep going. Failures are the best tools to do harder, dream big and aim high. Making decisions is not easy especially if we already have committed several failures. But if we determined and we believe in ourselves things will fall into places and it will run smoothly as we have planned. The questions is can we really make it? Yes, we can and we must. At the end of the day it is really our choice after all.

The hardest part of babysitting

One of the hardest to do for me about babysitting is about feeding the baby with solid foods.  It is indeed very hard especially on the first day because baby will cry and do not want to eat since they are used to milk.  And this is what I am going through right now.  My nine months old nephew starts to eat solid foods for a week now and I can tell it is not easy.  He wants to take the spoon, do not want to open his mouth, wants to stand up and worse is spitting the foods.  Added to this experience is that my nephew is very picky when it comes to what foods he is going to eat.  He is a smart baby I can tell because he can distinguish about the taste of the foods.  He just stores the foods on the side of his mouth, not chewing it and spit it after.  Irritates me but makes me smile because he is only nine years old and already know how to fool  So cute though and funny.

It is very true that when you are going to babysit a baby it requires much patience for you not to get angry easily.  Babies and kids are very messy and noisy that makes the babysitting job a tiring one.  But a wonderful experience because do makes me smile; understand their innocent life and simple life.