About Meh….

I am a simple girl whose passions is to write.  Write what is on my mind, ideas, thoughts and emotions.  I do put in writing something that is bothering.  I find it easy to say it through writing rather than to tell it to someone else.  For me writing is a good outlet for me to release and be open to myself.  Every time I see something, notice something and thinking of something I do not like missing it so I intended to write it for me to remember it all the time.  Especially if it is an inspiring one that I can be in my daily living.  I learned things through my experiences in life.  And the best thing to keep me reminded of it is to put it in writing.

In this reason, that I am eager to make a blog site to share my passion.  I am so happy that a friend of mine introduced to me this thing called blogging.  It really enhances my passions to write and also widen my thinking.  By doing it I have noticed that my mind is working every second.  I always think of what to write and looking for an idea what I am going to say in my blog site.  Though it is not easy to do blogging, for it takes a lot of patience and thinking.  But loving what I am doing make it easy and enjoyable.  I am more aware of what is happening around me and in my life for every experiences I have encounter, I put it in writing.  Writing makes me fill more complete for I am able to express myself.

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