To Walk Down the Aisle….

Every woman is dreaming to find the man of their dreams and to walk down the aisle.  And this is my ultimate dream in life.  To be able to walk down the aisle, seeing the man of my dreams waiting for me at the altar.  Even when I was young I am thinking for this moment. As what I have seen in those fairy tale story, the beautiful gowns and the happily ever after life.  Although it is a little girl dreams, I always think that someday it will happen to me and I can live happily ever after with my prince. 

A little girl dreams is about to come true as she finally meet the man of her dreams.  The man who will complete her and love her for her.  The prince charming that swept her heart away and makes her feel so special.  Indeed patience is a virtue.  All my wishes has coming true for I take my time and patiently waiting for the right man.  The man that I have been praying and asked for God to give me.  Nothing more could I ask for.  I am truly blessed to have him as my man.  I hope someday my prince charming will get me and live a happy life with him forever.  I am counting for the days when we will be together and share the life together.  Looking forward for the happily ever after life with him.

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