A Mother of Three…..

She falls in love, got pregnant for the third time without  man by her side.  This is a kind of life a friend of mine has.  Some pity her for how could she be able to support these three kids alone.  She may be poor financially, but she is rich for she blessed to have three kids that gives meaning to her life.  A meaning that a mother needed for them to go on with life and continue breathing.  She even forgot to buy things for herself because she always make sure that her kids has all the things they needed especially clothes and things for school.  Struggle so hard just to give her kids a decent life and to bring foods for them to share. 

At night she cried, looking at her kids and herself in the mirror.  Longing for someone to be with her, help her supporting her kids and someone who will be there to give some comfort she needed. She is battling trials and difficulties in life alone, but she is able to overcome it all and stand happy after all those challenges.  Her kids are giving her strength, courage and the will to not giving up.  With all these that is happening in her life, she is praying that one day she will be happy looking at her kids having successful life.  That is all she is wishing and praying to achieve in life.  A mother of three is never easy, but her three kids giving her all the reason to make things easy.  A smile from her three kids, make her day brighter and better.

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