Expectant Wife…

Nothing compares the happiness of a woman to bare a child and give her husband a nice gift ever.  We all are wishing to bare a child one day.  A precious thing that God will be giving to those married women and also to all women out there.  We felt very complete when we are able to bare and conceive a child.  A child that will bring happiness in the family.

This is how my sister is feeling right now.  She is blessed to get married to a man he wished for.  Now she is blessed with a little angel inside her womb.  An expectant wife who is four months on her way.  Weekly she is very excited to see any development inside her womb.  She is subscribing on baby.com, they are updating her weekly about the baby’s activities inside.  I am myself is very excited too, feels like I am a mother also. Funny but it is true, as I do really like and love kids that is why I am so excited and happy for her.  I am looking forward on the day when we are going to start buying things for the baby.  I do love doing it, for I really like picking things for the little ones.  To me it is very exciting and interesting thing to do.  Picking the first things for the first baby.

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