Girl in the Mirror…..

I have seen her everyday of my life.  I saw her cry, sad and happy.  Saw every thing that is happening her  life.  Though things have changed, she never forgets to smile.  I have known her to be the funny one, always likes to smile and even though things are tumbling down on her she still manage to smile.  Smile is her medicine to go on with life and keep moving on.  I have seen her in love and that love give her the big reason to dream big.  Dreaming that one day that prince charming will come and rescue her.  Her knight and shinning armor. 

But these past few days, the smiling girl I used to know have changed a lot.  Seems like she forgot the smile on her face.  The smile that I used to see has gone like a bubble.  There is something really troubles her that causing her to be like that.  Something that she can only tell facing in the mirror.  Her smiling face has turned into a sad eyes.  Her eyes telling her what she felt and her eyes are telling that she is hurt and in pain.  I wish to help her to bring back the smile on her face.  After some time of thinking, I am shocked that the girl I am talking to is me. I saw my reflection, and saw that the girl in the mirror is me. 

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