Thanks to You…

I remember when my late mother tech us to do household chores.  She gives each of us a chores in the house.  from my older brother  down to me.  At the very young age she wants us to be a responsible one and teach us to always help each other in doing household chores.  We sometimes get angry when we are enjoying playing outside with our friends, she will call us and start the teaching.  As a kid we do love to play but cannot play long hours for my mother always calling us.  She wants us to do fruitful things than to just play.  We do not understand it because our mind wanted to just play. 

We understand her better when at the very young age she got sick.  All the teaching that she has thought us is very helpful.  While she was sick, we do household chores.  We appreciate the teachings she thought us a lot.  We became a responsible one at the very young age.  Mother really knows best.  She died when I was nine (9) years old.  So sad for a house without a mother is different.  But we do felt her watching us every time we do household chores.  As I am alone thinking, maybe she knows she will be going to leave us early for she wants us to learn household things and be a responsible person.  What we are now is because of her.  We owe a lot to her.  Thanks to you mother for leaving us a good teaching that will always reminds me/us of you.

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