Door of Happiness….

There are lots of doors in our life.  Some are close and some are open.  We are looking for the door that we will find happiness in life.  There are doors that no matter how hard we knocks it will not be open for it is not right for us.  As they say, keep knocking but still close until we become frustrated.  Its like knocking on a very far away from us.  We try to extend our hands but still cannot find a way to open it.

If we look for the door of happiness, to make life happier, brighter and sweeter, we find it to others.  We find that happiness is not far from reach.  It is just around us waiting for us to touch and open it for it is not lock.  It is the happiness we find in the person around us.  Our love ones, family and friends who are just waiting for us to touch them.  The reason some doors are still close no matter how hard we knock for there are several doors already open for us.  All we need is to come near and open it.  No need to knock for it is never lock for us to enter easily.  When another door is close, there is another door opens for us.  All we need is to look around and search in inside our heart.  For some are knocking on the door of our heart. 

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