Resolving Marital Conflict….

In married life, couple do experienced a little conflict.  Strong marriages are attacking by them to make it weak and not last long.  A little conflict should be resolve fast for if it is left unattended, the faster it will grow and sooner or later couples are in big trouble.  Therefore it should be resolve as quickly as possible. 

In the battlefield of marital conflict, spouses are hurting each other without knowing they are making the situation worse.  Failure to admit who committed the mistakes, and failure to communicate well.  It is hard to forgive someone who is not asking for it.  And they find it hard to ask forgiveness for one party thinks it is not her/his fault.  Couple should learn to accept their fault.  When there is conflict, it takes two to tango.  Therefore it is their fault.  No one is innocent for it is both the couples fault.  Forgot to examine themselves and asking themselves.  For it is easy to examine the partner but difficult to examine oneself.  After doing the examination, there is a need for confession to put and end to that conflict.  In the process of healing marital conflict, confession is a requirement.  And the golden words that is needed to hear by each other are the I AM SORRY and PLEASE FORGIVE ME.  Those words will sealed the conflict and make the relationship grow stronger.  In every conflict there is a solution, all we need to do is to find it in ourselves and our hearts.

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