Learn to Listen…

People do have misunderstanding, quarreling and fighting,  That is part of our life, a testing for us on how to handle things like this especially in the family and the couple.  Most guys says, it is because woman are nagger and do not stop talking.  They do not ask themselves why is the woman nagged them.  So sad to see people fighting just because of simple things.  Simple things that becomes bigger because they do not want to listen and face the problem. 

They do not want to listen because to them it is nonsense for the damage is already done.  Instead of be courteous enough to listen, they do for to them it is a waste of time listening to nonsense things. This is the problem of most people and couple.  They should remember that we are created with two ears and one tongue.  And the reason of this is because we are expected to listen more than talking.  If people will know and realize this, we will leave in a very peaceful and harmonious place on earth.  This is what we really needed nowadays that the world are not in good condition.  Some are still on wars and even in the government.  People are always fighting for others do not want to listen and other do not stop talking.  If we ever learn to listen this talking might be stop and put an action after listening.  In this kind of world we have today, we have to learn to listen for us to go on a peaceful living. 

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