Be an example…..

Children learned what they live.  Children learn by precept and by example.  We older should know our responsibility to watch our words and action because children are observing at us and will eventually follow for they always think it is proper and correct.  We should practice what we preach for children are keen observer.  They can easily seen the discrepancy if our talking is different from our action.  It might confused their young mind, and make them confused as they develop things in their innocent minds.  Action speaks louder than words, so whenever there is a conflict and discrepancy between precept and example, kids do notice it.  Comparison will occur in their young minds that end it into a big confusion. 

As an adult and to those parents, we do have a big responsibility in molding the young minds of children. We should let the confusion build up in their mind.  Some say, follow what I say but do not follow what I do.  Which is not so good for children might wondering if we really mean what we say and what we adult told them to do.  I have noticed some parents do this, end up losing some respect from their kids as they grow old.  So sad to hear that every time they want to tell something to their kids, their kids response is “I do not see you are doing what you said”. Which is very painful for children losses some respect.  For us to be respected and gain respect from our own kids, we should practice what we preach.  We should be aware of our action and teaching.  We cannot give what we do not have, so BE AN EXAMPLE to them.

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