The Art of Listening….

When someone is talking, we should take time to listen.  Everyone should quick to listen, slow to speak for us to not react so much on a certain topic in a conversation.  Person who give and take time to listen are intelligent listeners.  Giving and taking time will make us understand the feelings behind the words.  In every words that the other person is uttering are comes from the heart, so we have to pick up the tone of the voice.  Listening to language and noticing the body language.  These are really needed for us to know the art of listening.  It is not all about talking, it is also needs concentration and paying attention.

Communicating to someone is the best thing to do for us to show what we really feel.  It gives us the chance to tell to that someone our problems and things that are bothering us.  Also, someone is sharing to us their problems and sometimes asking some advices from us.  In this time of situation, we can apply the art of listening.  Making that person feels they are important and we have our ears to listen if they needed it.  Lend a hand and ear to make them feel comfort and vice versa.  We can and we will apply the art of listening every time we are communicating to someone and someone communicating to us.

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