So called ‘Third Party’…

Close friendships formed in social, business, and professional life posses the potential for sexual intimacy.  Several times of doing this may lead to something unavoidable feeling of being together is not good especially if either of them is in a relationship.  This is the reason that the third party occurs.  Too much closeness to the point of having and affair that will lead to the break up of the current relationship.  So sad but this is true and really happening to some couples.  One of the reason of a relationships break up is because of third party.  Cannot control the feeling that leads to unfaithfulness.

God’s plan to humanity is ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN.  That is why we call it couple in a relationship because it consists of two person.  Sharing the same feeling, the love, time and emotions.  It is the love that binds them together and will put them together forever.  Allowing another person to come in their life, will lead it to broken relationship.  The so called third party, new person comes in the middle.  If each couple is faithful and committed to the promise they make, no third party can ruin it.  In a relationship there are lots of temptation, and one of these is the third party.  Putting God in center of every relationship will make the relationship grow stronger and last longer.  Will last even on the day after forever.

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