A house-husband in the family…

In every aspect of a couple’s life, they should help each other.  Especially the wife, she really needs the help in doing the heavy laundry, dirty dishes and to their children.  For in a wife’s life, doing it day after day, week after week will make them frustrated and bored.  Not that they are complaining, but there are things that a wife really needs a break even for just once a week.  A plain housewife needs some time to relax once a week to regain the energy that have lost.  And a sensitive husband who is the earners in the family should takeover the household duties once in a while.  Giving his wife a day of vacation and pampering herself.  In doing this, a husband shows that HE LOVES HER and HE CARES FOR HER.

Nowadays, both husband and wife are working.  They both bring home money in the family, and they both are earning.  Even a wife is earning, she is still a housewife.  Her biggest responsibility in her married life.  Having a job is just an additional responsibility.  A working housewife as they say.  As a wife can do a job and still a housewife, a husband can do this also.  Add to his work as being a house-husband.  That is a working housewife needed.  A help from their other half, helping each other in doing household things.  She likes to have a house-husband who is sensitive enough to help her.  Housewife and house-husband is a good combination to have a happy family always.

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