The Precious Words…

Before marriage, those words were uttered almost everyday but after marriage, they are seldom to be spoken.  It is like losing the affection their husband has for them.  Is it because they have seen each other everyday and been married that is why no need to say it?  Some wife are sad because of the sudden change of their husband’s affection.  This is the start where the wife thinking that their husband could be cheating.  Lessen the attention that makes the wife doubtful about their husband. 

The husband needs to say it over and over again.  It is like watering the plant.  Failure to do so will make the plant dies.  It needs to do it everyday to make it grow big and healthy plant.  Just like in the relationship it needs some water to nourish the relationship.  And that water represents the words I LOVE YOU.  Being together for years doesn’t mean we have to stop saying I love you to each other.  Husband may not like it to utter because husband might think we have done it before.  They can make a variation like leaving a note under the pillow, on the door of the refrigerator, door of the bedroom, or whatever that will make your wife fond of reading it everyday when she wakes up.  These words is like music to a wife’s ear.  They will felt the love their husband for them and make the married life more exciting until forever. 

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