I Love You! You’re Special…

Sometimes in our life due to very schedule we forgot to spend some time with our love ones.  We are more focus on the job we are in.  Sometimes our job needs more time and sometimes needs extra time for us to finish the work undone.  Others do bring their work at home just to finish the job.  This is some of the problems that occur in the family, relationship to others and to the one we love.  Lacking of time spending to them will make them think they are not important at all.  They may think the our job is more important and needs much more time than them. 

Due to this problem and situation, it is time for us to change our schedule.  Instead of bringing home work from office, we should not do it.  As we go home, we should think of our love ones waiting for us to be home.  No bringing of work from office for us to give more time to our love ones especially to our kids.  Although we are working for them, we should not forget that we still have responsibilities to them as parents and as a wife.  Let’s not forget hug them and kiss them over and over again.  Give them the sweet whisper of love everyday.  Tell them ‘ I Love You! You’re Special! That will make them feel they are important.

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