The Hands of Love….

The mother who is in the house, take good care of the family, kids and the house.  A person that children always count on as their father is out of work is the mother.  Attained to the needs of their children and cook foods for the family.  Nothing compares the love of the mother to their family.  How dedicated is the mother to her family.  Family will be her first priority, put themselves on the last of their list in priority.  A mother that give all her life for the welfare of the family. 

The mother has the hands of love for all her love ones.  He has the touch that her family are needed and longing for.  A touch of love, cared and compassion all into one person, the mother.  Every time we are down and needs someone to comfort us, the mother is the first person that comes into our mind.  She has the healing touch that makes us calm down and the loving embrace that makes us felt we are safe.  How great God is to give us a mother that will always be there for us no matter what.  The first person that would understand us is our mother because of her kind and loving heart.  Truly mothers knows best in terms of giving us love and comfort.

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