Managing the household chores…..

In the early years of our life, girls are the one who is in-charge of the house.  This is part of the traditional families.  This pattern is so unfair to women because they like slaves in the house.  Men are outside having fun while women are inside the house and do the household chores.   Even parents are doing that, they trained only the girls doing household chores, telling the girls that they are supposed to stay at home.  Which is very confusing and hard to understand.  Seems like there is uneven division of household tasks.  There should be a division of labor to lessen the pressure in woman’s mind.

Sharing household chores is more fun, treat it as if you are doing exercise and playing.  Making it fun for us to not be sad while doing it.  There are several chores that we can do stretching, bending, and lifting things together is more fun.  Make chores as easy and as enjoyable as possible.  Participate and you will be able to appreciate the art of helping each other.  Parents should give praise and appreciation for every job will done and do not compare the work of every child.  Both man and woman are responsible in doing the household chores.  So, take the initiative to do things and stop complaining.  That is how to manage household tasks to both men and women. 

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