Marrying the whole family….

If the two person into a relationship wishes to get married, they are not just starting a new life but also adding another member in the family.  Checking and knowing the family is needed for us to know them and them to know us.  Marries not only the single person but also the whole family.  There are two mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters.  This family can be an asset or a liability to us.  That is why knowing them is essential to avoid conflict and misunderstanding.  The family can tell what kind of a person we are going to marry. 

The family is the model for the future family we are going to make with our partner.  Because our family is the perfect example for us to have a family of our own.  Our future family will depends on what kind of a family we grow up.  But we do have a choice, it is up to us on how we will handle and carry the new family we are trying to put up.  Old family will be an inspiration for us to do better and have a happy family of our own.  We can ask guidance and advices from them as a beginner.  A big help to be close each others family.  Good or bad a family will be there, through thick and thin. 

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