The Give and Take….

Marriage is a lifetime commitment.  It is a serious and long lasting relationship that serves as the foundation in the society.  It is founded upon the strong and united family.  A union between man an woman in the vow of marriage.  The bond that made them as one and have a family of their own.   Promise to be with each other through thick and thin.  They life may be tested with so much trials and difficulties as a married couple.  But being with each other will conquer it all. 

All marriages undergo through difficulties in life.  A test on how long they can stand together and fight it.  But with all this trials, a give and take relationship usually works.  It will make the relationship grow stronger if the couple apply this give and take rules.  When the your husband/partner give, you have to give back after taking it. That is a good relationship between the couple.  If the affection fades due to some trials, it can bring it back as they practice the give and take rules.  And of course respect, patience and forgiveness will make the relationship survives.  These are they keys in order for the couple to make their married life and new family strong and united.

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