Yummy Mango Float…

Me and my sister always to the bonding.  Years before our bonding is reading books, watching films on dvd and do the window shopping.  Those things are lessen because she lives in a different house already because she got married early this year.  Now she is on her five months pregnancy, our bonding together change into sharing foods.  She always brings foods when she visited the house after her work as she just lives near us.  And sometimes she invited me to her house to come over and share the foods she bought.  I am on a diet but I cannot say no to her. As they said what pregnant woman wants, pregnant woman gets.

Today, she went to our house and invited me over again.  When I arrived, she said she has mango float and wants me to eat with her.  My sweet older sister always has something to share for everybody.  Even if she gets married she still wants to share what she has.  I am not fond of eating sweet foods but because of her, I eat sweet foods as she is into it.  I must admit I don’t  mango float that much but she insisted to try it once.  After I have tried it, I find it very yummy.  The taste is different, sweet from mango and milk rolled into one.  I find it very yummy to eat.  As I am writing this article my mouth is watering because I imagine the taste of the mango float.  After today, I mango float is one of my favorite.  Thanks for my sister, I would definitely try to make my own version of mango float one day. 

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