Unfortunate Event….

My sister and her husband has two motorcycle.  They renovate into a passenger motorcyle.  We also call it sidecar where it can carry to passengers.  This vehicle is the most common way of transfortation here is our village as well as the other village.  To add additional income for them they make their other motorcycle into sidecar.  They hired driver to drive it and pay enough amount as rent for the day.  And the rest of the money will go to the driver.

After months of driving, their driver meets an accident.  He was hit by another motorcycle and create a big damage on the motorcycle.  It is so sad because the other motorcycle that hit him runaway and we cannot report it to the police station because my sister’s driver doesn’t have a liscense.  How unfortunate for him to have this kind of accident.  He has some bruises, wounds and he cannot walk straight.  I felt pity for him because his family depends on him and he cannot bring home money for his baby and his wife.  Hopefully the motorcycle will get fixed and the driver will get well soon.  No matter how careful we are some are not
 responsible and do not care whether they are driving too fast and if they hit someone they runaway.  I just wish that those driver who runaway will have conscience and face the charges against them.

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  1. Tish says:

    New follower, I hope that the driver recovers quickly, and the other will be caught!!

    Tish @ http://mymommyquacks.blogspot.com