Good to laugh with You…

Laughter is the best medicine for our sadness, loneliness and in pain.  It is good to laugh at them for us to embrace the beauty of life.  As they say, ‘smile though your heart is aching’ so that positive things will continue to come in us and enlighten us when we are in full darkness.  Give a smile and you will received plenty of it.

This is what we always do when we talk online.  Never a dull moment when I am talking to him.  We share jokes and laughter a lot.  We never let the sadness ruin our day when we talk.  My significant other lives from the other side of the world.  We seldom talk nowadays because he is busy with his things back there.  That is why when we find time to chat, we make sure that it is worth it and lots of fun.  Though we tell sad moments of our different life, we still end it up with a smile.  Last night we shared another laughter and being silly.  Always completes my day when I am able to talk to him and laugh.  I do like to laugh that is God giving me someone who can give those laughter for me.  It was wonderful to laughed with you and always counting for another day of laughter with you.  And hopefully it will be forever laughter we shared one day.  Smiles!

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