Argument with my brother

Later this afternoon after my brother got home from is work he yells and angry.  He do that most of the time for the reason that I dont know.  I opted not to talk to avoid misunderstanding and arguing.  I have lots of patience in me and as much as possible I keep it in silence.  I must say, he is like a girl when he is angry.  No matter how much I try to understand him it irritates me sometimes.  He likes to nag at our younger brother and my younger brother will speak up then they are in an argument. 
Until today, while I am listening to them having their argument I cannot take it anymore.  And my father gets angry also and then a loud voice echoed in the house.  I want to keep is silence but I feel the need to speak up and shut them both.  I want to be a peacemaker to both of them but end up to be the bad one.  My older brother didn’t like it and he feels I am protecting our younger brother.  I just want them to shut up and think of love instead of war.  I talked very calm and in a nice tone of voice, I am not being bias just that I want him to stop talking because they are counting the things from before.  Fortunately, the little argument is settled now, we talked and sealed it with a smiles.

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