Enjoying the life in blogging…

I have been doing blogging for a year already.  It is a wonderful experiences for me because it widens’ my english vocabulary and makes my mind really working.  Each day when I wake up first thing that would come in my mind is what I am going to write today.  It will took me whole day sometimes thinking of what to write.  I have to read more books, look around me of what is something that is nice to share and makes me think of what is memorable things that are happening in my life before and now.

I never regret joining this kind of hobby even though it makes me so tired and out of words what to write. I love the idea of sharing what is on my mind, what I have noticed around me and my thoughts of certain things.  In a way this blogging thing is one way of making my diary because I do make an update everyday.  Doing this is very nice because I am learning, gaining more friends, and also earning.  I will definitely do this thing forever.  Enjoying the life of doing it and will continue doing it with love and passion.

One Response to “Enjoying the life in blogging…”

  1. Nelson Souzza says:

    The blog is very good. Congratulations!