Cut the hair of her sister…

Today is Saturday, no school so my two nieces are around the house.  It is be a noisy and messy day for me today.  When they are wound the house, they keep on quarreling and fighting that is so irritating to hear someone is crying.  Though they are playing the whole day, but within that hours of playing they are fighting.  And the younger one is the one who is keep on crying and the older one is the one who is yelling.  No matter how much I want them to stop by threatining them, they still are fighting.   I do not know they are like that nowadays, because they used to be friends and very close.  As they grow older, meeting friends they are not that close.
This afternoon while they are playing, my older niece got mad and grab a scissor and cut the hair of her sister.  She is gone angry that far to the point of cutting the hair of her sister.  I did not like what she did so I spank her hands and grab her to get inside the house.  While her sister is crying because of her hair being cut, she cried also because I spank her.  What a day for me today.  House is too noisy with cry baby around me.  Though I talked to them after all the crying and they said yes and promised to be friends and not fighting, I doubt because kids are kids.  Will always fighting and crying.

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