Looking back….

I finished commerce course nine years ago.  And unfortunately I was not able to land in a good job because I always leave the job.  I am trying to apply for work in abroad and still no chance for me.  I was about to leave to work for other country when my older sister asked me why would I leave.  Thinking about it, I decided not to go to pursue my plans to work abroad because she offered me to give money to start my own business. As she promised, she did finance me for my small business.  It starts well but end nothing.  I closed my store and apply for another job.  I did find a job but leave it because I am not happy doing it.

Today as I look back to my plans before, I think what if I did pursue my plans before to work abroad.  Well, everything happens for a reason and I do not have regrets of what had happened.  But looking back, my life would be different and our life would be different.  I am happy I am here because my family needs me since my mother left us early and my father is sick.  There were so many trials everytime I have a positive result of my application abroad.  Maybe the reason is for me to stay to my family until I got married and have a family of my own.

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  1. heather@actingbalanced.com says:

    Hindsight is definitely 20/20 – I'm one of those people who think everything happens for a reason and the choices you needed to make put you where you need to be… doesn't always seem that way, but there is usually an aha moment for me somewhere down the line… Thanks for linking up with Acting Balanced's Thirsty for Comments

  2. Kirsten says:

    Good point- everything DOES happen for a reason. Just keep repeating that mantra!
    (Thirsty for Comments Thursday)
    ~Dinner With Kir~