Losing an Inspiration…

When we first learned about this blogging business from a friend, she was the one who is very excited and eager to learn more for her to earn.  I admit she is very good in English and has very wide knowledge in English.  Compared to her, my English is simple and not that good.  She spent effort, time and a little money to go to our friend’s house to help us make our own blog site.  Our dear friend give us her time to teach us to make us an effective blogger and teach us to make our site looks appealing to the readers and viewers.

After almost a year of blogging she quit.  I was shocked because it was so sudden when she told me she will quit doing it because of some reason.  Losing an inspiration to write and pursue our blogging career.  I was telling her no because we have already started and we slowly build our own site but her decision is final.  I felt so sad because of the opportunity that will come as we continue doing it.  Though I keep on encouraging her to go back to blogging, still her answer is no.  I wish and pray that she will find it again in her heart the passion to write and the love of writing and sharing her ideas and thoughts.

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