Well Rested Sunday

This week is a very tiring week for me.   Have fever for two days  and not feeling well because of it. I went to mall to accompany my sister buying things for her upcoming baby.  Although it was fun picking things for the small one, I did not appreciate the fun of doing it because I am not feeling really well.  Yesterday we went again to mall to buy another things for the baby. Going to different malls to find a good and not so expensive cloths.

Today is Sunday my sister again invited me to go with her at the city to meet her friend then do window shopping.  I said no this time because I am really tired this past week and I needed some rest and more sleep for me to regain the energy that has been lost.  Since my brother and his wife are at home , no babysitting for me.  I took a very long nap and I can say that I am well rested today.  Woke up with a smile and a fresh feeling me. It is so good to take some rest and sleep after the tiring days. 

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