Dying his hair…

My father is the kind of person who refused to admit that he is old that is why his hair turns to white.  He keeps on dying it to color black so that no white hair will be shown.  I always asked him, why you do not like white hair?lol  It is a sign of age and existence here on earth.  But still I end dying it.

When he noticed that his white hairs are slowly showing up, he started to dye it.  So, I must say I am doing it for years already.  I hate it when he asked me to dye his hair.  I do not like it and it really irritates me.  Maybe because I am lazy and just do not like it.  And since he is my father, it is hard to say no because I know my father is.  He is the kind of person that would not take a NO for an answer.  So, no choice but to dye his hair.  And today is another dying session.  Like it or not I have to do it.  Sometimes I told him to call his girlfriend to do it for him and he gets mad.  So I stopped telling and instead do it by myself.  I just wish my father will accept that he is old and no matter what white hair will show up.

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