Me and My New Friend

Since I started my online career and trying to be a writer, I am using the desktop which my father bought years back for my brother.  I have been chatting for a year until a friend of mine told me to start earning online as blogger.  I used my brother’s computer for a while.  I have been dreaming to have a computer of my own, high memory and can open at least five windows to surf.  My brother’s computer is a little old and needed some Or possibly a professional computer repairer to look at it.
After a year of blogging, my wish was granted because I got my new friend.  I am so happy to have this laptop. It is a dream come true and an answered prayer.  Truly God is good to us.  I love this new friend of mine. I always bring it with me everywhere I go because being with my friend always earns me a penny.  I will love this friend of mine and cherish it forever.  My friend’s name is Vive.

One Response to “Me and My New Friend”

  1. Hazel says:

    wow! congratulations on your new laptop! good for you sis!

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