I Cannot Bare…

Last Sunday my brother accompany her girlfriend to go to their place.  Before my family to do not like their relationship but we came to realized since he loves her we will accept what he wants and who he loves.  They have been together for years already and we are okay with it even though we have seen that the girl is so possessive and bossy.  Although it is very hard to see him following what she wants, we accept it because he choose that life.
While I am looking for something in my things it is missing.  I supposed he brought it since he is the one who is not at home.  After three days my brother went home and I was right he bring it without asking me.  My father didn’t like it and so angry.  When he enters the house my father cannot control himself from anger he hurst him.  Call me whatever you want but I cannot bare to see in pain.  And so I told me father to stop it.  They do not want me to do that but I cannot take it.  I love my brother and I promise to my mother’s grave 22 years ago to take good care of him and love him.  Fortunately my father stops, I just hope this is a lesson learned for him and hope he wont do it again. 

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