After her graduation, she tried her best to find a job her in our city.  Applying here and there still cannot find her luck.  Until she decided to find her luck outside our city (Davao City).  I am happy to hear at last she finds a job in Manila, Philippines.  Too far from our place but she grabs that opportunity since she cannot find one here.  She has been working there for two years, fighting the loneliness, sadness and the life of being alone.  It is not easy to work in a place where you do not know anyone.  She missed her family but she was able to fight it because her sacrifices to work far is because of them.

Right now she has been encountered many issues at her workplace, issues at her boyfriend and issues to her newly founded friend.  Situation where she needed the comfort from her family.  Sad to know that she has nowhere to run but to herself because she is far.  I am talking to her twice a week, and I am so sad to her because she really feels the need to go back home.  How can she go back home and no job?  She is worried because her family defends on her.  For the first time she felt really homesick.  I gave her some advises and I hope she is able to fight feeling of homesick and strengthen her patience till she finds a job here in our city.  A city where she belongs and her family. 

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