He wanted it, and She don’t wanted it…

In every relationship that lasted for more then six months, we cannot avoid it that it will going to be intimate.  As that is the basis if the couples are compatible and will know each other better.  I do not know if it is really true as I have not been in that situation yet.lol  Anyway, as I have observed those are really happening to the point of doing things that are below the belt.  It is avoidable but when you are in the situation it is hard.  Funny but I guess it is true because that is whatmy friend is telling me.

I felt so sad for her because her man sees other girl.  The worse is in front of her.  He does not have any shame on him.  The relationship started to fade when she said ‘I do not want a baby yet’.  Is it bad to say NO when you are not ready? The fact that they are not married yet it is so hard to trust.  I know relationship should built with trust but nowadays we are not sure who is telling the truth or are they sincere enough to what they say.  Woman needs security because some guys nowadays are taking advantage.  After getting what they wanted they vanished like bubble.  As a friend, I advise her to do not waste her time on him as he is not worth it.  Guy like him is not worth to keep.  I just wish she listened to me and her sin will be forgiven for what she did. If you know what I mean.  It happened and she did not wanted it and now it is gone.   Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

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