Each year, we do make our new year’s resolution for us to start our new year with some changes and we want to achieved some goals in life.  And the most common new year’s resolution I have heard is to loss weight.  Even me have that resolution and wish to  make it this year.

Easier said than done as they say, because foods are so tempting.  This resolution needs focus, concentration, will and determination.   Four things that are very difficult to maintain because many temptation on our side.  We wish it is easy to loss weight, as easy as gaining weight.  I envy those individual who eat a lot but still looking thin.  Something to do with my metabolism for sure.  I just start to loving the way I look and the fats that is part of me.

Others are so into losing weight.  They failed to know that there are more to love if we have the extra weight.   Learn to love yourself for us to except who and what we are.  That new year’s resolution will come eventually, let’s not be pressured in doing it to avoid frustration and disappointment.   Take is slowly but surely.  Enjoy life and love life as well as those extra fats.  Happy new year!

One Response to “New Years Resolution: Loss Weight”

  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    good luck sis .. you can do it 🙂