He needs Vitamin C

My one year old nephew is very sickly nowadays.  Due to cold, rainy and windy weather he is suffering from cough and runny nose.  It is so difficult to look at a child suffering from those illnesses.  If I only I could get it and transfer it to me so that his condition will be better.  He cannot sleep straight at night and even hard to take a nap in the afternoon because cough is bugging him.  So sad for the condition of my nephew right.  I am blaming the weather for this, but we can do something about this changing weather for us to not be sick especially the kids.
My sister-in-law went to his pediatrician to have him check and at the same time to ask for some medicine to heal coughs and runny nose.  We found out that he needed to take Vitamin C to protect him from those illnesses.  My sister-in-law forgets that her kids had stopped drinking Vitamin C for months now.  That is why when weather changes her kids are suffering from coughs and runny nose.  I hope now that they are drinking Vitamin C they will be protected and will be better especially my poor little nephew.

One Response to “He needs Vitamin C”

  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    Well vitamin c is really important even sa atin adult na 🙂

    My little kyla take ceelin everyday i'm blessed nga rarely lang sya magkasakit ..

    Well, i hope your niece will be fine asap 🙂

    visiting here from my new blog. Hirap pala kapag marami blog, lol nakakalito.