Back to Zero

They have been said it is better to lost properties by robberies than to lost properties because of fire.  I think it is really partly true because robberies will not get all of our things.  They only get those they think have high values and things that they can sell to others.  While in fire, it will burn down our house and can kill us if we are not fortunate enough to go out when our house is burning.
This is what happened to my sister’s friend.  Their house was burned and they got nothing because when the fire starts they are at work and no one is at home.  So sad because they are back to zero now.  Trying to move on and start again.  The good thing is that they do not blame someone nor God.  Others do asked God why when this tragedy strikes them but to my sister’s friend they still give thanks to God and still blessed because no life are taken.  All the member of their family is still intact and that is the most important thing we have in our life.  A priceless treasure that is God’s gift to us.  Life must go on and now they are in the process of bringing back things that are taken away from them.

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