Promise to Pay

It is not new to me seeing people are having misunderstanding and fighting because of debts.  It is not a good situation where friendships and good relations are broken because of the broken promise.  When we are borrowing some money to someone we know or to our friends, we do make a promise to pay them on the day we promised to pay.  It is our responsibilities as debtors to pay it because it is our obligation to the one lending us the money.  I do not know why others do not pay as they promised and even do not bother to talk to the person if we cannot pay as we promised.  We cannot avoid that some situations will occur and we cannot pay as we promise.  As responsible debtors we have to talk to the person who lends us the money and beg for an extension.  With that sincere gestures, lenders will understand and might give us extension for us to be able to pay. 

Today I saw my neighbors fighting because other neighbor did not pay as she promised.  When she is confronted by the one who lends her the money she gets angry and yelling.  Not so good attitude of a debtors.  A kind heart who lends her something for her to used crying in front of her begging for her to pay.  I do not get it why she gets mad when she was asked to pay her debts.  Indeed some are taking advantage of the kindness of other.  Out of the goodness of her heart she lends. I just hope by those tears she had shed earlier, will make the debtors realized that she is being unfair.

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