House is Forclosure

One of the most important thing in this world is to have a shelter to sleep in and give us comfort.  To have a house of our own is so important because it is very difficult to sleep on the street.  I have seen a family living on the vendor, park and outside of the building.  So sad to know that they do not have a home to put their kids there to sleep well.
Before we do not have a house, my father rented a house for us to sleep in.  I am so lucky that I have a loving parents who always think of us and gives us good life.  Years later my father loaned a house for us to call our home.  Due to some circumstances,we are not able to update the payment.  Last month we received a letter from the home mortgage telling us to pay the remaining amount or our house be foreclosure.  Feels like the world is tumbling down.  So sad that if we will not able to pay, our house will no longer be ours.  We never lost hope, we are praying and hoping we come up with the amount of money needed.  It is not easy to sleep on the street.   Crossing my fingers and keep the faith to God because God knows everything.

One Response to “House is Forclosure”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Good luck and have faith!