Reading is Learning…

Since the day she got pregnant, my sister keeps on reading books.  Books about her pregnancy and on what to do to make the baby inside her womb healthy.  A responsible mother have to be aware on what would be the changes in her life as the baby grows inside her womb. Graduates of ultrasound technical schools agree that it is very important for expectant moms to educate themselves.I call her freak sometimes because every time she feels something, she became worried and hurriedly look for what to do in her pregnancy books.  I understand her because it is her first time.  She has this mixed emotions of excitement, happy and worried.
She gave birth two months ago and still she continue reading but a different book now.  A book about how to take good care of the baby and what to do if she seen something is not usual to her baby.  Indeed reading is learning. Her patience of reading ever since make her aware and she is learning on what she is reading.  Lucky baby I must say because his mother always wants him to be in good health and condition.  Some mother do not have the same feeling of caring to their kids/baby.  If mother give some time to do that they will know what to so as well.

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  1. GAGAY says:

    that's because of curiosity..reading is exactly learning! 😀

    happy blogging!

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  2. Pinx says:

    hi gen! when i was pregnant four years ago, almost all of my time was spent reading my hubby's book on pregnancy! and just like your sister, when we had the baby already, i moved on to the next volume of the book! hahaha! till now, i still refer to the books i've read before. it truly helps… visiting you here!

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