Final Verdict!

My country was sudden when they heard that three Filipino workers in China are in jailed and sentence to death.  It is a big shocked here and people are hoping that the government will do something about it.  They are facing a drug related.  This is the kind of offense that Republic of China does not tolerate and sentences them to death.  Though they said they are innocent, still their sentence is final.

As promised, the government of the Philippines did something just to spare the three of them.  The Vice- President went to China to negotiate.  Their families are happy when the VP arrived from China bringing the good news.  They have given days extension before execution.  There is hope and their family continues to pray.  But after more than a week of extension, the final verdict is given.  They will be sentenced to death few days from now.  It is so sad because their hopes of going abroad to find a job for the future of their family are gone now.  Their intention to work outside the country brings them to their grave.  Whether they are guilty or not, I pray that whatever happens they may rest in peace and be with God

2 Responses to “Final Verdict!”

  1. Mona says:

    its a saddened thing na naman hopefully there would be miracle pa ..

  2. Chie Wilks says:

    I hope they’ll be spared from execution.we will pray for them na lang..that’s the least we can do..

    i will update my link list sis..congrats to the new domain