Praying for Miracle

I have mentioned in my other blog about the three Filipinos who are sentenced to death due to drug related case.  They have given grace period from their first sentence.  And that grace period ends today because tomorrow is their last day.  It is so sad to know that tomorrow their sentence will be served.  I have seen cries and tears from their families here in the Philippines.  They wish they could help but the China government decision if final.  No more days of suspension have given to them.  Some of their families are flown to China to see them for the last time.

Right now, Catholic people are doing some vigil for them.  They are praying for a miracle from God.  Catholic religion condones death penalty.  They are fighting for it even here in our country.  But China government is different.  They committed sin there and so verdict will be served there also.  Nothing we can do to prevent them from being sentence to death but to pray.  The only weapon their families and people on the Philippines are doing now to spare their lives.  I do not know if they are guilty or not but to know that they are from my county I felt so sad for them.  I just pray for them whatever happens tomorrow.  May God’s hands touched those people and change their sentence.

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