Mourning Families

I have mentioned in my previous article about those Filipinos who were convicted in China and sentence to death.  Today is the last day of their lives because sentence will be served and they are facing death.  With all the prayers that people of the Philippines did, still they were sentence to death.  It is so sad after hearing the news that they are dead.  It breaks my heart when I heard in the news that one of them claims that she is innocent and that she is not aware that she brought drugs to China.

Later this evening their families arrived from China.  Instead of being happy to see their love ones they bring home these mourning faces.  They are facing this kind of trials in their life and I wish they could get over it soon.  It is very painful to them because of the shameful death of their love ones.  I guess everything happens for a reason.  What happens to them is a lesson that all people should learn that there are people who will do their best to take advantages of those needy ones.  Their dreams to give good life to their families here brought them that way.  I just wish that we will all learn and be aware if we are dreaming to work abroad.  I pray them rest in peace with God.

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