Finished with Flying Colors

One of the main goals for every student is to finish with flying colors.  To get good grades and be on the honor list when the classes ends.  It is the only gift that a student can give to their parents who are working so hard just to send them to school.  Going to school and get good grades is more than enough that parents are proud of but to be on the honor list is bringing them joy and happiness that their child is doing good in school.  Especially nowadays where there are lots of bad influences around them, it is good to know that they are still focus on their studies and finished with good grades.

Here in my country, closing time is happening this week and next week.  It is the right time where teachers are giving recognition to those students who made it to the honor list.  Their excellent performance inside the classroom is being recognized.  I have seen so many students finished with honors and seen the faces of their parents smiling.  They are proud parents I must say.

I remember during my time when I got medals and ribbons, though my mother is not around when I climbed up on the stage and received my awards.  I am so happy at the same time sad because I wanted to share it to her.  My father did not able to come because of his work.  It was my sister and brother who pinned those ribbons and put the medal on.  I just wish to see them happy and proud of me on that day.  And I hope I make them proud of me. wink!


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