Gas Tank or Wood/Charcoal?

Life in early age was very simple.  People are used to use woods or charcoal in cooking.  They have lots of patience to go to the forest to get some woods and also have the patience in blowing those woods to bring fire.  I remember when I visited the province of my parents five years ago; they are still using woods in cooking.  I did tried and it makes my eyes teary and turns into red.  I did adjust but still smoke that comes out makes my eyes teary.

In this modern world with all the progress and development, we used electric gas stove or using gas tank.  To more blowing, no more going to forest and no tearier eyes but it is a bit expensive compared to woods and charcoal.  Makes the cooking fast and less sweat but it make our wallet thin.  As we want to make our life easy, we will spend a lot.

Because of the crisis we are facing right now, people are now going back to used woods and charcoal instead of buying very expensive gas tank.  And we are one of those people who preferred to use woods and charcoal than to buy gas tank.  It is very expensive nowadays, and price in increasing.

If you were to asked?  What would you prefer, to buy gas tank or buy woods or charcoal?

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