How Far Will You Go?

Watching documentary shows is what I like to do because it is a very educational show for everybody.  Aside from that, I also like their topics from out of nowhere. When we say tattoo, it is an art, which will be painted on the skin of the body. .  It is indeed very hard to understand the word art.  Expressions of the art as they say. But this art have gone too far because tattoo nowadays can be done on our lips and eyelids.

This evening I saw a different tattoo.  I have heard lips tattoo, but this eyelids tattoo is new to me.  For beauty enhancement as they say that is why they are doing it..  Shocking right?  It is really shocking operation watching the operation.   While I am watching the woman undergo eyelids tattoo, I felt the pain for  It is really ouch.  She undergone lips tattoo years back and this year it is her eyelids.  Her reason is that, she is always in a hurry and no time to put make ups on.  After the operation, she is now having permanent make-ups on her face.  With permanent color on her eyelids and red lips, she will look beautiful even early in the morning when she wakes up.  She is willing to undergo operations to maintain her pretty looks.

If you were to ask, will you go the same thing she did?  How far will you go to look good always?

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