One Week Treatment

My father has been suffering from arthritis.   Two weeks of knee swelling makes him mad everyday and even uttered that it is better for him to die.  Oh oldies!  I felt pity for my father because he cannot walk and cannot sleep straight at night.  He has been taking various medicines and still nothing happens.  His heavy weight is the big factor and his eating a lot.  I must say, my father doesn’t have any discipline at all.  He eats what he wanted and do not follow when his doctor told him to not eat certain foods.  Because of him being so hard headed, he is suffering from pain.

One day his friend suggested trying alternative solutions.  Using herbal and natural products and no rice for a week.  He went to alternative doctor to try if it will help him with his problem.  Seems he is willing and determined to be an obedient patient now.  My father will start the treatment tomorrow until Saturday.  I wish he would overcome the whole week of no rice.  He will only take vegetables and fruits.  Wishing him good luck and I pray he will get better soon.  No more pain and no more arthritis visit.

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