I want to be a Nurse

My father’s condition lately is not that good.  He has been suffering from arthritis for almost a week now.  We are helping each other to attend my father’s needs including my niece Ella.  She has been a good granddaughter to her grandfather.  She always asked what is wrong with him, and asked what my father is taking that puts him into that condition.  She is so sweet little girl compared to her older sister.  At her age, she already knows how to take care of older person.  I must say, she is a loving and caring girl.

This afternoon, while my father is sleeping we are having some chitchat as aunt and niece.  I asked her what she would like to be when she grows up.  She said, she wants to be a nurse to take good care of her grandfather.  I am amazed by her answer at that young age.  When my father is awake, she stayed at his side and asked him different questions.  She even said, she will not going to beach tomorrow because she will look after her grandfather.  She smiled when my father call her nurse.  At her attitude, I am pretty sure she will get what she really wanted in the future.  I just wish that when time comes that she is already a nurse she will get to attend her grandfather.  I pray on that day to come.


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