For Walking Purposes

Few months ago, my uncle had a stroke and half of his body is not functioning well.  He always stays on his wheelchair, on bed, and on the chair.  My aunt saw that he is bored of doing the same thing over and over again.  After a month of doing the therapy, they were advice by the doctor to practice the legs of my uncle to walk.  He is keep on sitting for months it is now time for legs therapy by walking.  Walking stick would be a big help to assist my uncle while walking.  Something he could used to prevent him from falling down when losses control.  My aunt is thinking of buying it for my uncle walking therapy purposes.  They are now looking for men canes that they will buy, as my uncle will start the therapy soon.  I will for sure tell my aunt to visit here for them to see and look for better canes to choose that my uncle would use.

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