Inspiring Movies

During holy week, some television channel shows several  movies to watch that will touches our hearts.  They do play movies that will inspire us, make us realize how great the love God has given to us and movies that shows how to forgive and forget.  It is good to watch movies like this because we are able to repent, reconcile and bring back ourselves to God.

This is once in a year that is why I always watched movies like this because it makes me realized how am I as a person, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a follower of God.  I know I am not perfect; I commit mistakes and hurt others feelings but I am human sometimes carried away by my emotion.  I have watched five inspiring movies today and I have realized that we should show some love, respect, care and spent our time to our family.  Each day is a day we cannot get it back and so we have to make it a perfect day.  Never forget to say I love you to our love ones while we can because we will never know what will happen next.  Say sorry and learn to forgive and forget. Value the time we spent each day with our family, savor it and make it a memorable day everyday.


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